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Bring alive the exterior and interior with Architectural 3D Design

How does Architectural 3d Design facilitate us to exhibit our property? Well, there are 2 major aspects of Architectural 3D Design, which are Exterior 3D Rendering Design and Interior 3D Rendering Design. With the help of these 2 aspects one can show each and every detail of the property, even a minute detail can be visible in these renderings.

First let’s take an example of …


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Use Natural Home Decor For A Better And Brighter UAE Architectural Visualization Home

UAE Architectural Visualization

One thing that is really great about choosing this kind of home decor is that you do not have to spend a lot as it can be found anywhere. Stone, hard wood, wicker and shrubs are some of the things that many interior decorators use to make the house look softer and natural. Home decor that is inspired by nature is…


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Portable Non-Destructive Concrete Testing Instruments

Portable Non-Destructive

Concrete Testing Instruments

Schmidt® Test Hammers

SilverSchmidt ST/PC

The SilverSchmidt is the first concrete test hammer, featuring the most accurate rebound value and unmatched repeatability in the industry. Independent validation testing by BAM (Federal Institute for Materials…


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large horsepower flux vector control variable speed drives (AC inverter drives)

large horsepower flux vector control variable speed drives (AC inverter drives)

Voltage range: 

200 VAC - 240 VAC (180 VAC - 260 VAC): 200 V, 220 V, 240V

380 VAC - 480 VAC (323 VAC - 528 VAC): 380 V, 400 V, 415 V, 420V, 440 V, 460 V, 480 V

525 VAC, 575 VAC

690 VAC - 790 VAC (587 VAC - 793 VAC)

1140 VAC (960 VAC - 1300 VAC)…


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Simpleware case study: reconstructing hyaenodon fossil from micro-CT

Our 3D image processing and mesh generation software has been used in Japan to reconstruct a hyaenodon fossil from a micro-CT scan. The fossil of the prehistoric hyaenodon mammal, representing a partial jaw and teeth, was discovered in Mongolia and scanned using micro-CT. The data was then imported to Simpleware ScanIP, where it was visualised, segmented and…


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Realizing your vision with Architectural 3D Visualization

Everyone have their own visions in their minds visualizing the designs and possibilities that can be brought to reality. But, not always do those visions turn into reality because it's not feasible for everyone to experiment with various designs as it can cost dearly. So now what? You have your visions but can't bring them alive. Well, there is a solution to all your concerns and that's Architectural 3D Visualization.

Architectural 3D Visualization opens up the gate to all the…


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