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Vibration Testing Technology

To the savvy maintenance professional, industrial machinery almost “talks” to reveal its condition. The key to success is in understanding what the machine is saying. To detect problems, the professional “listens” in many ways: With eyes and ears, to see and hear conditions that may indicate…


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Step Motor Innovations for High Efficiency Machines

Presentation today available now for download here>>

This technical webinar covered features of step motor design, efficiency and application. Topics covered include switching sequences, losses, motor losses, iron losses, hysteresis losses, lamination, rotor design and much more. Brought to you by the Motion Control Association (MCA) and Design World. Speaker: Craig Ludwick of Oriental Motor.

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Permanent Technological Unemployment

There are going to be a great number of people out of work who have been replaced by technology. How will any of our economies afford to have so many people out of work?

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Why isn't rapid prototyping/additive manufacturing a larger industry?

One question that stuck out at the recent RAPID Show in Anaheim, Calif was; Why isn’t this show bigger with more exhibitors and more attendees? This industry is 20+ years old. When will it become large enough to fill a convention hall rather than a hotel ballroom?

In the last few years, we have seen the introduction of 3D printers small enough to fit on your desktop at prices that are less than $5000. Higher end…


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Applying Power Quality Measurements to Predictive Maintenance

You may already be using predictive maintenance (PdM) techniques on your motors and drives. But how often do you inspect the power to your equipment? By adding basic power quality measurements to production equipment maintenance procedures you can head off unexpected failures in both production…


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Faster Maintenance in the Factory of the Future by Augmented Reality

Maintenance of Custom Automated machines in modern factories pose a challenge of their own.

I recently read about interesting soon to be available technology in the MIT Tech Review.

It is an Augmented-Reality head set developed at Columbia University as an aid to maintenance

I can see a lot of potential here and an opportunity not only for users but for procedure developers.


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How important is Management for Engineers? - Probably more than we think

True engineering is managing man, money and machines.

Every engineer is a Project Manager. We bring concepts to life by dreaming, conceiving, proposing, selling, committing, managing and releasing onto the unsuspecting public glimmers in our eyes.

How do we do it?

We learn from our peers, our education, our experience, our mentors/reverse mentors and particularly our failures.


Added by Daniel Christadoss on May 15, 2010 at 3:45am — 2 Comments

The power of ink jetting, desk top fabrication & solar power for self designed user driven products towards Negawatts

Lance Brown had an interesting discussion on MIT's paper solar panel in Green Engineering.

Advances in piezo ink jetting, desk top fabrication and solar chemicals have brought the possibility of configuring our dreams into reality.

I would very much like to share a bog in this area.…


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Negawatts - What is it? How can we do it? Every House, Office & Community is an opportunity!

Energy Harvesting for Negawatts. All of us can do it!

Quoting from the link from Renewable Energy World

"Negawatts are the ones that don’t get consumed, the energy that is conserved when efficiency is put to work. It is a measure of electricity that is not generated. Negawatts are the cheapest New Energy…

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Tackling the step child of manufacturing - Predictive & Preventive Maintenance

Modern technology has given us the best of systems in our state of the art manufacturing lines.
The are designed and built in component and system form by some of the best minds in the world.

So when a new system comes on stream it produces per the URS and acceptance criteria.
However over a period of time normal wear and tear and maintenance issues will bring in degraded performance.

Traditionally maintenance…

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The next level of innovation – Wi-Fi

Society’s expectation of technology has changed. Do you remember when a black and white television was the best picture available? Do you remember when a Commodore 64 was the best home

computer? Do you remember the days when a dial-up connection was the

only way to access the internet?

Every product above was the most basic model of some objects we use regularly today. HDTV, Laptop, and especially Wi-Fi are at…


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We need to be more open to discuss why a design failed

Why did a design fail? This is one of my favorite subjects because it is so rich in information. On my LinkedIn site, there's a discussion starting on this subject. A Design World reader found a 40 min video presentation by Scott Berkun, former design engineer at Microsoft. (…

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Energy Harvesting Module - Universal Generator - Capturing Human Motion for Usable Energy

The Energy Harvesting Module is an Universal Generator which can Capture Human Motion from their day to day actions and convert it into usable energy.

The device consists of a friction wheel integrated with a electrical generator and modular electrical connectors.
The system has mounting holes to support custom brackets which are application specific.

The device is capable of capturing rotary, reciprocating and angular motion from…

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