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Inventor alert

I wrote the newsletter for the American Society of Inventors in the 1990's and asked members to think about this market several times. One of our Board was involved with a group that evaluated invention ideas for the handicapped. Getting people interested is not easy.

I've also been the primary caregiver for my elderly parents for 16 years now--dealing with many of the tasks you listed. It's far worse than the glimpse you offer in your wonderful piece. Imagine this: with the current… Continue

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Sheet Metal Design with Pro-Engineer Wild Fire 2 (Part -5 Bend and Bend Allowance)

Create Bend command is a simple and effective method in Pro-E Sheet metal design. Just define a line on the flat panel and can see a result of finished bend. Actually It included basic theory and design aspect of sheet metal. For the previous blogs, we created the finished design and result the final flat pattern. But using Bend command is a reverse process and actual process flow of sheet metal. We… Continue

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Volume Widget Calculator

Another calculator widget we just finished at Design World - as always, would like to get any feedback and ideas for future development. We also added a menu item under resources on the EX here that links direct into the widget library: here we have a number of calculators, news and multi-media widgets.


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Sheet Metal Design with Pro-Engineer Wild Fire 2 (Part -4 SHELL)

This week I am going to take “SHELL” command as an exercise. Sometimes, my pro-e command approaches are unprofessional and unsystematic.

I created one solid piece part as shown below Picture.

I changed to Sheet metal Application and use as SHELL command (same as Solid) removed the top surface a to become as a open box.…


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I have need for stanard parts only...I have looked at what ACAD has to offer and 99.9% of what is on the site for parts are metric..Is there anywhere I can get the same exhgaustive amout of parts but in Standard measurements.

Also I am looking for Axle splindles. We make protable grain augers and we bolt in an axle but we don't have any prints on it. I am told it is a standard 633 spindle but I can't find anything for it. I just need the profile so I can bring it into Inventor and… Continue

Added by Warren on May 1, 2009 at 12:03pm — 6 Comments

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