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CT Grounding practices- CTs must be grounded at a single point- Why?

The CTs must be grounded at the single point. The grounding of the CTs at the multiple points lead to the voltage of different magnitude at two points. The relay used for the differential protection may operate when the fault is outside of the protection zone.



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3D Architectural CAD Drafting revolutionized the Architectural Industry

Every industry benefits from revolutionary trends in technology. For the architectural industry, CAD Design and Drafting came as a godsend to make designing and presentation of construction sketches easier. Through this innovative technology, architectural could save time in the initial design process and present more professional drawings to clients.…


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How to Deal with Dust in a Manufacturing Facility

Dust is one of the most common problems in manufacturing facilities. Without the right approach to dust suppression, the health and productivity of workers can be compromised. They will suffer from various health conditions that will impair their ability to carry out their tasks successfully. The rest of this post…


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Why V/f ratio is kept constant in VFD?

The flux produced in the core can be calculated with the formula as given below.

The EMF in the stator/phase(Eb)= -n* Rate of change of flux

Flux = Eb/ 4.44 f*n ----------(1)
Where Eb is the back EMF/phase produced in the stator, f-frequency,…

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Knee Point Voltage of current Transformer and How to calculate it?

The knee point voltage(KPV) of the current transformer tells the information about the magnetization characteristics of the current transformer. According to IEC,the knee point voltage is defined as a point where 10% increase in the secondary voltage cause an increase in the secondary current by 50%. The current transformer gets saturated at this point.…


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The Need for Double Glazing – Top Advantages

Are you looking for glazing services in Cape Town?

Homeowners as well as commercial establishments look forward to glazing their windows – the reasons might be different, but the benefits of glazing are the same for all. In fact, there are a number of providers in Cape Town, which offer double and single glazing services for homeowners.  Randburg Glass is a reputed name, well known for providing glazing and glass replacement…


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How to Find Amazing Commercial Contractors

Building projects can be quite a headache and hassle if the right people are not hired for the project. There are several things that people should look for when they desire to hire Dallas commercial contractors. It can be a process to hire the right people; however, that is better than losing money by having to redo projects that were just completed.

Before the search even begins, it is a good idea to write down everything that…


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Popular Garden Hose Fittings

Hose couplings and other hose fittings are now available in a wider selection than ever before, with those looking to buy hose fittings and parts now presented with a multitude of options, making it difficult for them to determine which is the most suitable. With this in mind, today we are here to discuss some of the most common types of garden hose fittings, with the ultimate intention of allowing all looking to…


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Importance and Benefits of House Floor Plans

Architects and Interior Designers all agree; good designs will always start with the floor layout! A House Floor Plan indicates the layout of the property, as viewed from above. Drawn to scale, a plan shows the location of walls, doors,…


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Pallet Wrapping: An Intro

The pallet wrapper is a machine that enables firm sealing or wrapping of goods tightly so they can be secure during shipment and also ensure unitization. The goods are placed on the pallet wrapping machine as required not exceeding the required size or overhang. A tight cable is driven down over the top load of the pallet to ensure that the load is tight enough to the pallet. Although, this is done very carefully in case the goods can break. However, the pallet wrapping would not completely…


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4 Incredible Propane Tanks Safety Tips

It is always advisable to take safety measures as a number one priority when dealing with any kind of fuel, energy, or heating system. And in this case, propane is no exception. Propane is commonly used in homes for heating, cooking, and drying.

Even though propane gas is highly flammable, it is safe to use because all the safety devices such as a propane regulator are attached to the tank. If you are using…


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Should You Buy or Rent Scaffolding?

The use of scaffolding has been very common in construction sites for a while. A scaffolding structure provides stability and safety to all workers while they work on the higher levels of a building, which enhances the speed and quality of the work too. So, you must have scaffolding when you are constructing, renovating or repairing your house. Now,…


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How 3D Virtual Staging Sell Your Property in 7 Days!

As realtors know only too well, it’s very hard to sell an empty home! Bare walls and echoing hallways look sad and neglected and do not make a pretty picture. When clients are unable to imagine themselves living in a property, chances are it will not be sold quickly. With the hyper-competitiveness in today’s …


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Everything You Need to Know About Your Septic Tank System

Having a septic tank system can seem a little daunting if you've always been connected to your municipality's water and sewer supply. But, there are some great advantages to having one. Not only do you not have a utility bill for water and sewer usage, but you are actually helping the environment by disposing of your home's wastewater naturally. Here's everything you need to know about your septic tank system. …


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Top Benefits of Outsourcing 3D CAD Drawing Services

One of the greatest technologies in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction)is CAD drawing. For a long time, architects struggled with the manual paper and ink drawing process which is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. CAD Drawing Services have changed all this but for most small firms, lack of resources to implement these services in-house poses a problem. However, outsourcing…


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The Third-party Inspection and Casting steel Inspection

Process Supervision

Casting steel Inspection

  To be certain that casting/forging process follow proven procedures

•  Heat Treatment

  To be sure that heat treatment is done properly for all parts, that no portion of the product is overlooked

•  Chemical Analysis & Mechanical Property Tests (and Non Destruction Test).To be certain that:



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