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R&D at B&R—and a sitdown with the company's General Manager

Hannover Fair is a bit of an overwhelming affair. More than 20 large halls, dozens of technologies, hundreds of thousands of attendees and 6,500 exhibiting companies practically take over a small town in northern Germany for 5 days each April.

So it was nice to get away for a day from the show floor, and travel south to visit the international headquarters of B&R… Continue

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What urban center is going to be home to North America's next enormous wind turbine?

The answer is: Cleveland!


Nice to see one of my hometown's most respected companies show its commitment to renewable energy. Lincoln Electric was awarded $1 million under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s State Energy Program in 2009 to help install a wind turbine at its Cleveland manufacturing facilities. 


The 2.5-megawatt turbine will generate approximately 10% of the electrical needs for Lincoln’s Cleveland manufacturing operations.…


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What company is cutting its carbon footprint by 20% in nine years?

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Bosch Rexroth’s Chairman, Dr. Karl Tragl, at the Hannover Fair in Germany earlier this month. Tragl explained that the company’s world is increasingly being split in two ways—regionally and in industry segments.

“Many of the trends which induced developments—which have taken three to five years in the past—happened within one year in… Continue

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What will the think of next?

I recently came across a site with a number of interesting "eco-marine" water crafts. From wind, solar, and hybrid marine-powered ships, the company, Eco Marine Power, says it aims to develop ships that use less fuel and emit less pollution.


Furthermore, in July 2010, a project was started in Japan to develop a commercial system for using wind power and solar energy on-board ocean going vessels. This project…


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Social Media in Motion

As social media grows, more companies are recognizing its importance in connecting with its audience. Some are joining Facebook or Twitter, but one media company in Cleveland is launching an interactive blog site. Linear motion control systems and components manufacturer Nook Industries is developing the blog as a resource to connect linear motion engineers to the information they need.

The company's interactive blog…


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What is the limit?


I spend most of life in disbelief!


Many would think that being an engineer would prepare you for the way that technology enables us to do things, like fitting more into a smaller space, the speed that we can process information and even some of the technologies that are becoming more and more available, like nano technology.


But guess what…It doesn’t.


I think this is because I’m an engineer, when a PCB supplier says “ we’ve made a…


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3D printer vendors to meet with Washington to discuss this potentially disruptive technology

It’s a question that needs an answer, and it looks as though the copyright and intellectual property rights issues this question poses are getting some high profile attention. Good. 3D Systems Corporation plans to sponsor and participate in ‘3D/DC: 3D Printing Comes to the Nation’s Capital,’ on April 28, 2011 in the Rayburn House Office Building, . . .



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Will there be any room for Innovators soon? (Consumer Product Development part 3)

Twenty years ago more than half of the world did not have color TV. Publicity was wide on radios, and in print, libraries made a living by just putting books and more books on the shelves. Children had play stuff made in simple colors, and there were almost no hand-held gaming consoles to tag along.


Today, we stare and wonder how to stop the onslaught of new TV technologies that erupt every month from the various combinations of 3D, LED,  4 COLOR and now are waiting for the…


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Automotive 3.0—the next revolution in prototyping and design?

The automotive industry used to be a source for design innovation. It could be again, and very soon.  One company, Local Motors (LM) is working on creating the next generation of auto manufacturing. One where you make the call as to how your car should look and the features and capabilities it should have? Local Motors (LM) has developed an interesting business model that gives you the ability to custom design your car, and economically build it. The company develops a community that brings…


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Setting the Limit Switch to an ActionJac (Video)

Setting the Limit Switch to an ActionJac


This video shows how to set the Limit Switch to on an ActionJac.  Please visit: blog.nookindustries.com for further details.



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Levelling of Product and percieved value of products

when we look at an LCD screen, we automatically expect the following :

1-    It must be a true color high resolution screen, or else the product wouldn’t possibly find its way onto this display.

2-    It must be a touch sensitive, with possibly the best in class (gorilla) glass, capacitive or similar latest technology, water resistant, AMOLED (who cares what the acronym stands for), low power with automatic power saving features for higher battery life ……etc, etc

3-   …


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Is Social Media a Fad?

While I was out in the Twitterverse, I came across a youtube video that was very powerful.  It basically starts out with the question "Is social media a fad?"; from there, it goes to illustrate how social media has taken over the cyber world and is revolutionizing the way we think about everything, including business.  It is no coincidence that the creator of Facebook,…


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Some good news for good clean energy

Some major companies made some big announcements at theBloomberg New Energy Finance Summit earlier this month. 


BP will invest almost $2 billion this year in alternative energy, more than the London-based oil company has previously stated, said Katrina Landis, chief executive…


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Consumer Product Development in the new age (part1)

Consumer Product Development in the new age


What is the New Age? Is it an era of unscrupulous and mindless data generation and digging, with a very low conversion ratio (to information) or is it actually a build up of data before the Information is processed and ready for dispersal?


I tend to follow the second alternative, although at first look, there doesn’t seem to be any real need of so much data to start off. But history has always shown that when a new…


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Nook Industries Launches Corporate Linear Motion Blog: As a resource for the entire linear motion and engineering community


Cleveland, OH−February 2011

In an effort to streamline and enhance communication with the engineering community, leading linear motion control systems and components manufacturer Nook Industries (Cleveland, OH) has recently launched a multi-functional interactive blog site (…


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Seeing Festo's SmartBird in action

In the month or so since the first videos of Festo's SmartBird were released, the company has received a huge amount of international press on the project. The SmartBird, based on a herring gull, is said to finally unlock a lot of nature's secrets of flight.

I had the opportunity to see the SmartBird in action at last week's Hannover Fair, and it really is an engineering wonder. It was hard to believe that it was really going to fly like in the videos, but it did—and you saw…


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Trends in Wind for AWEA 2011

The American Wind Energy Association's Windpower 2011conference and expo is approaching quickly and Windpower Engineering magazine is putting together a special section of their May issue just for the show!


The issue will include…


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first installment on Design

Product design is not a very perfect mathematically explained science, but an amalgamation of soft skills, hardcore technical ability and a desire to deliver only what the user needs. Often this is tempered by what can actually be achieved, and what can be afforded even though much more can be technically achieved.


The result of these complex interactions has given rise to a new startling array of products, services and possibilities that are still being chased to fruition.…


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new serial on design in the contemporary scene

Hi everyone, 


after spending a good 18 years in the design scene, i have put down a few thoughts which i will be sharing with you on this blog.


i would enjoy your insights and feedback for everyone with special observations most welcome to enhance the sharing of information in relation to the subject.


thanks for your attention, and will be back with the short design blog soon.

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