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Rock and Roll industrial design

I'm always interested in how people use CAD software to do interesting projects.

Nout Van Heumen is an industrial designer and engineer whose day job, so to speak, is in the packaging and insulation business. But Hout has developed a name for himself by taking on some really interesting freelance jobs.

One of his projects that I particularly like is the Aristedes OIO guitar. If you check out the picture of this guitar, you can see that it's pretty cool looking. It's also pretty…


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New product, new market, same simulation tool. PIAGGIO uses LMS Virtual.Lab Durability for fatigue and durability performance evaluation of scooter crankshaft

The Piaggio Group is the European leading manufacturer of two-wheeled motor vehicles and also holds an international leading role in the commercial vehicle market.

With over 7000 employees and facilities and research centers scattered over Italy, Vietnam, Spain, China and India, Piaggio has recently been investing its efforts in the creation of a new scooter model destined for the Indian market and has chosen LMS Virtual.Lab Durability to address engineering challenges linked to this…


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TeamPlatform adds a few new features (online Gantt, @mention)

TeamPlatform has made a enhancement to their online platform.  

  • Online Gantt
  • Instant Hyperlinks, called "@mentions", across the platform.

If you don't know what @mention is, then you probably haven't posted much on Twitter (or Facebook, or other social networking sites).  It's helpful because, say on Facebook, if you want to mention your cousin, you can type "@cous" and immediatley your cousin's name, "Cousin Bob" shows while you type. It cuts down…


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Raising A Mining Shovel For Maintenance Repairs.

The realm of heavy lifting is not for the faint hearted. A shovel of this size weighs in excess of a thousand metric ton. This kind of weight would pancake a family sedan in seconds. So you need to respect the laws of physics and take great care raising this machine.

The equipment we use is custom made. These jacks are difficult to obtain locally and they aren’t…


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Software helps you design for 3D printing manufacturability

When used together, 3D…


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What is your biggest frustration with 3D printing?

Despite the media hype that 3D printers can be used to make literally anything, and that they will disrupt all kinds of present day processes and systems, professional users have a number of frustrations with this technology. These frustrations can be overcome with further R&D, assuming the media hype doesn’t inflate expectations to a point that frustrates the most enthusiastic users. But here are some of the frustrations shared by experienced users on various sites:



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