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Free Engineering Training Software for my Friends Industrial Training To my Facebook friends only, any of our product and services for free. Follow the link for details.…

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Best Free Industrial Training Videos

Best Free Industrial Training Videos

Save time finding the best free training videos. See our Playlist below ...…

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Make your next technology idea a success… guaranteed!

February 16, 2011                                                                                                


Written by Chris Pinter                                                                                          …Bookmark and Share


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Kathie's Question of the day: How important is it to look to nature for innovation?

My editor passed along an interesting article to me this morning. 


Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created an artificial leaf that uses solar cells to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, while creating energy in the process. Daniel Nocera, who lead the…


Added by Kathie Zipp on March 29, 2011 at 10:00am — 4 Comments

Social Media: The New PR Fire Extinguisher

So today I came across an article about a deadly venomous snake that is missing from the New York City Zoo.  This Egyptian Cobra, which can easily take down an elephant within hours (not to mention a human within minutes), has been missing for a few days now, and zoo keepers believe that the cobra is hiding out…


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IFPE 2011 post-show roundup—supply chain is top of mind for many

Last week’s IFPE show, held in conjunction with the CONEXPO/CON-AGG events in Las Vegas, was by almost any measure a blockbuster. 120,000 registered attendees from 150 countries saw 2400 exhibitors that took up 2.34 million sq-ft of exhibit space. IFPE itself was the largest show in history, and there was a distinctly international feel to the whole event. Fully 24% of…


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ActionJac Provides Environmental Efficiencies for Solar Applications: Power Transmission Engineering

This is great article about The time-tested ActionJac series achieving clean solar actuation.  In the 1970s a backyard home satellite system was big. These commercial satellite systems had a diameter of about ten feet and were made primarily out of heavy fiberglass. In order to assist in satellite positioning, Nook Industries designed and applied its ActionJac, a worm gear screw jack product line, to this specific market. Although home satellite systems have steadily decreased in size…


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How to avoid arc flash...ouch!

Arc flash is a dangerous risk among those in the power industry. Arc flash is an electrical breakdown of the resistance of air that results in an…


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what an engineer needs today?

A solid basic knowledge and common sense.

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ActionJac Article in Design News: A Standard in Linear Motion

New ActionJac article in Design News:


Check it out and let us know what you think.

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The end of manufacturing as we know it?

What would our economy look like if every home had an additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping system? For example, how would it affect manufacturing? Would it translate into more or fewer jobs? How about transportation? Would we need fewer trucks and fewer distribution centers? What if, instead of everyone having an individual system, rapid prototyping systems were grouped into franchise opportunities, sort of like a “Kinko’s,” and consumers went there to obtain the item they wanted or…


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It’s time for Spring Cleaning with Forsta Filters!…

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Just to discuss about hydraulic, flood modeling, water distribution, hydrology and more

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Cardboard Balers and how they can save

Cardboard is everywhere. Your new washer and dryer are packed in it as well as your cell phone and other electronic devices. In fact for many shipping situations, cardboard boxes are packed within cardboard boxes. My wife recently bought some pots and pans. Inside the big cardboard box which contained the entire shipment were two smaller cardboard boxes which each contained another 3 cardboard boxes. And inside the smallest boxes were more cardboard to protect the glass lids and handles. My… Continue

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Renewable Energy World Conference Recap

If you were hungry to hear about the newest products and trends in the clean energy industry, the Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo appeased your appetite. With almost 200 vendors and suppliers displaying equipment, products, and services, the show was small enough to have conversations with…


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Can design help reduce violence and aggression in Emergency Departments?

Can A&E's be designed to be safer, calmer and more efficient?


The Design Council and the Department of Health are looking for designers to team up with industry suppliers to reduce the human and financial cost of violence and aggression towards NHS staff in A&E. Winning teams will be awarded a fund of £150,000 and the chance to work with NHS staff on redesigning A&E environments, processes, services and information…


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Leadership in Engineering

Check out Nook Nook's Leadership Profile when you get a chance at


PRECISE EFFICIENCIES: Nook has been recognized as a leader in the precision ball screw industry for over 30 years. Nook manufactures the widest breadth of precision rolled ball screws ranging from 4mm…


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Solar Industry Magazine Releases a great article about the ActionJac

Nook Industries Unveils ActionJac Line For Solar

Nook Industries, a Cleveland-headquartered provider of linear motion control systems and turnkey components, has expanded its ActionJac product line - a worm gear screw jack line - to…


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Rotary sail

I have gotten permission to set up an improved device on a peak in Massachusetts. Yeah!

Added by alan lefavour on March 2, 2011 at 5:42am — 4 Comments

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