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Smartgrid: Why adding RTTR to Distributed Temperature Sensing?

Real Time Thermal Rating (RTTR) or Dynamic Cable Rating removes all uncertainty left by the DTS. The DTS measures the real time temperature at the sheath or jacket of a cable. The sheath temperature gives a good idea of the temperature of conductor, but unless an accurate model for the conductor is provided there will be some uncertainly left. The uncertainty is small during steady state operation, but it could be (very) large during an emergency situation. The following figure illustrates the… Continue

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Death & Destruction of a Fluke Multimeter

I found a very entertaining video in which Electronics Engineering Video blog host David L. Jones tries to see just how much punishment the Fluke 28-II multimeter will take and still function. It's a fun video (but some of the drops and tosses are almost painful to watch). You can check it out at…


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Introduction to Vibration

In simplest terms, vibration in motorized equipment is merely the back and forth movement or oscillation of machines and components, such as drive motors, driven devices (pumps, compressors and so on) and the bearings, shafts, gears, belts and other elements that make up mechanical systems.

Vibration in industrial equipment can be both a sign…


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Troubleshooting commercial lighting loads

Commercial lighting loads are a major load for large facilities. Troubleshooting them can often be challenging but it's important to evaluate these circuits for both 1) energy conservation and 2) power quality purposes. They are wired single phase, with the loads connected from phase to neutral. Typically, the phase-to-phase voltage is 480V,…


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Intelligent CAD models from PARTcommunity


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(Almost) Frictionless Micro Linear Motors?

Traditional linear motors were designed by essentially rolling out a permanent-magnet rotary motor into a linear, flat machine. But a new micro linear motor re-imagines this traditional design with the added benefits of reduced component wear and a significant decrease in friction.

Read all about it here:…


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hybrid collector

In this systems production of both electricity and hot water is done simultaneously. In PV modules, as the module temperature increases, the efficiency of the module drops down. In hybrid modules, the module heat is

absorbed in order to produce hot water. In this way, PV efficiency is optimized

as the heat is transferred into water for hot water production.

Solimpeks Corp.has launched its Volther hybrid photovoltaic-solar thermal collector,…

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Integrated Design Services is now partnered with Steve Farb - Industrial Design - to assist in your full cycle design needs

At Integrated Design Services, we are very proud to announce our our new cooperative venture with Steve Farb. Steve is an exceptional Industrial Designer with a significant amount of experience. Steve is one of the few Industrial designers we have worked with that really knows how to listen to a customers requirements and convey that back in the form of a creative but manufacturable design concept. He is well versed at developing presentation quality art that can be used for a variety of…


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wind generator

use toothed belt drive keep gen. on ground if over water mount above water line

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