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Sheet Metal Design by Pro-Engineer Wildfire 2 (Part I-Basic Panel)

Sheet metal Design is a little difference with Solid Model Design.

Basic difference is Sheet metal Design which is based on the uniform or constant thickness material and related process are Press Brake Bending or Stamping etc..

When you start design on Sheet metal Part, you need to think about bending reliefs at the corners and also process flow. If you are working with press brake bending, you need to think about tooling space and set K-factor to .42 or using bending Table from your… Continue

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evaluation of a CNC Router for a small business

CNC SHARK PRO review. Manufactured by Next Wave Automation, distributed by Rockler Woodworking, and controlled by Vectric's V-Carve Pro 4.6 software. This review is uncompensated by any vendor.

SUMMARY. Two thumbs up.

BACKGROUND. In Jan-09 I bought the CNC Shark Pro. Here are my experiences with it, CNC Router specifications I traded-off, and evaluation of competing budget-grade CNC Routers I investigated. My background is 30+ years as a Mechanical Engineer; many of my… Continue

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Step Motor Basics Calculator

Looking for feedback on our latest calculator widget on step motor basics, features torque, speed, inertia, distance and resolution. Thanks!



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New sheet metal "corner fill" product allows up to one inch radii

This is a new sheet metal fabrication product designed and marketed by product design consulting firm to fill a need for large radii sheet metal corners. For 50 years companies have tried various labor intensive ways to get large radii in their sheet metal products and give up because of the high cost to produce. M.E. Solutions has finally solved the problem with their proprietary "cornerfill" product now availavle in any… Continue

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3 Dudes Gone 3D Advertising Campaign

Check out SolidWorks Latest Advertising Campaign, featuring 3 engineers in a contemporary situation comedy format this multi-media campaign is designed to resonate with the social media , online and YouTube generation in a fresh slant on 3D.

Just watch the videos at

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Subsea Oil and Gas equipments.

Hi friends
Wish to know about Subsea Products and Equiments...

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Hydra Heat Transfer System

Most of you will already know Heat Pipe Theory.

The higher the vapor pressure of a liquid, the lower the normal boiling

point of the liquid.

Datails on

Unlike the rate of Heat Conduction at the Metal, Heat can travel at Sonic Speed at the Vapor Condition.

My Design is based on this theory and use the Separator to flow back of… Continue

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Double Your Pleasure with DoubleCAD XT FREE Version that is Full Featured, Fully Licensed.

DoubleCAD™ XT

By Richard Williams 3/1/09

You really have to love it when a plan comes together and so it has because it enabled me to write this review. Now that I have found a way to do it with an assist from my wife and with some other things, I can now move forward with my promised reviews of this really wonderful, fully featured and ABSOLUTELY FREE give away by IMSI/Design . What happened lately in the life of this writer is kind of a set back with eyesight. “But, where there is a… Continue

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