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High flux tube

High flux tube can be classified into three groups: sintered high flux tube, sprayed high flux tube and machined high flux tube. Among them, sintered high flux tube is the most expensive for its complex processing method and high efficiency; machined high flux tube is applied to mediums with high surface tension, its performance is in between; sprayed high flux tube is the cheapest for its easy process and low efficiency.

On the one hand, high flux tube can reduce the…


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Architectural 3D Floor Plan Services

3D Virtual Floor Plan has become an integral part of architectural services as it encompasses several benefits which help companies cut down their costs. Unlike the times when only two dimensional drawings and drafts were used by architects and the real estate companies to attract the investors, now there is the 3D technology. With the help of this technique, architects can create visual images of…


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Explain your designs in a much better way with 3D Floor Plan Design Services

3D floor plan design services are usually undertaken by the clients with the aim of providing a bird’s eye view of their potential designs and projects in order to explain their plans in a lucid manner. Most engineers, builders, designs and other real estate workers make use of this project. This service has gained popularity as it helps visualize the output at the end. The builder can also use the…


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Boost your business with Interactive 3D Architectural Floor Plan

The fact of real estate industry today is that the number of agents are increasing, while the number of buyers are decreasing. Which is why it is all the more important for the agents to utilize all the tools available in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. One such technology is the interactive floor plan.

When the agents or the marketing department of the real estate can make use of …


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Why Should you Outsource Structural Drafting to BIM equipped Firm?

From UK BIM mandate to 3D printing, the construction industry has come a long way. No more limited to architects, BIM is now expected of all the stakeholders involved in the building process. Though structural engineers have always been on back foot for BIM, they now are leveraging BIM tools making construction process efficient and easy.…


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3d Architectural floor Plans for Marketing

Gaining financial advantages from 3D Virtual Floor Plan With new technological advancements and innovations that are getting invented every day, life is becoming increasingly easy for all. It has helped increase the efficiency and the productivity of all the firms. In order to survive the intense competition, it is becoming increasingly important for each firm to adopt the new technologies to offer…


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The Promising Future for CAD Outsourcing – Indian Perspective

India was initially perceived as power player only in the IT space. But this limiting perception hides an underlying truth that India is also swiftly transforming into an Engineering outsourcing hub too.

CAD outsourcing has primarily taken off in India because of the large pool of qualified engineers, designers, and artists here. Their proficiency in with the English language and the relatively low cost of manpower compared…


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The new Trend of Architectural Floor Plans

If we look at today’s real estate trends, open floor plans are quite popular among the home buyers. So it is no surprise that builders are creating their 3D floor plans in a way that is in line with this new trend. Although this style of floor plan design has been popular since early nineties, it has started gaining demand now. Which is why many new projects’ 3D floor plan has this design.…


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What are the services that 3D rendering services provider provides?

Over the years there have been various technologies that have been invented between the IT industries. These technologies have helped in advancing the types of services. One such service that has really affected the real estate industry is the 3D rendering services. They hire the 3D Rendering Company in order to effectively showcase the requirements of the potential…


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Engineering firms should leverage benefits of outsourcing Shop drawings

Since the inception of technical drafting, shop drawings are being passed on to respective developers for exchanging crucial for building construction. Shop drawings are still a medium to receive an accurate and precise data pertaining to various phases of project. Shop drawings offers extremely vital measures and specs of pre fabricated elements to contractors, real estate developers, thereby delivering added advantage to them in construction process. Partnering up with…


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Why do Indians need Interactive 3D Floor Plan?

What is Interactive 3D Floor Plan?


Maximus Offer the Interactive 3D Floor Plan | 3D Site Plan | 3D Section Plan | 3D Virtual Floor Plan | 3D Floor Plan Rendering Studio

In layman’s terms, 3D Floor plan design is the virtual model of building floor plan from bird's eye view for better conveyance of architectural plans. Interactive 3D floor plans allow users to customize floor…


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Hire a 3D rendering services company to effectively beat the competition

Over the years there have been various technologies that have been invented between the IT industry. These technologies have helped in advancing the types of services that are offered by firms such as Rayvat. One such service offering that has really affected our clients in the real estate industry is the 3D rendering services. Our …


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What happens when you opt to work with a 3D Interior Design Company

Many think that there is nothing to interior design, all you need is place furniture here and there. This is usually the case as people confuse interior design with interior decorating. Rayvat Group An interior designer designs, organizes as well as plans its interior structure. This includes meeting the clients, knowing what they want and then delivering the design in a way that is is functional as well as pleasing to the…


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DriveWorks to Address Challenges of Engineer-to-Order Product Manufacturers

Most engineer-to-order (ETO) product manufacturers fail to generate quotes quickly. Research shows that manufacturers miss on an average 30% of their orders due to their inability to come up with accurate quote at the right time. The problem doesn’t end here. Since the manufacturing department is on a…


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Architectural Design


Often once I meet somebody new and that we declare our occupations, my companion can assume a wistful expression and say one thing like, "I forever thought i'd have liked  to be AN designer too if I hadn't gone into..." maybe one among the explanations why the "I forever thought..." remark is thus common is that almost all folks are architects from time to time in numerous ways in which, in spite of however we have a tendency to create a living. Even…


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How would a Revit Modeling Services Provider enhance your Business?

Before we discuss how Revit as a service would be useful to you, let us first see what exactly comes under the purview of Revit modeling services? BIM 3D modeling is an information modeling software that is largely used by architects, engineers, contractors and many more. When a firm chooses to opt for revit modeling services they are essentially using Autodesk revit,…


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Online Business for Transport Industry By Transportmantra.com

Formerly the internet "existed" only on a computer. At least that's how we visualized it. Today, every owner of a Smartphone or mobile device carries the internet with them. As the trends towards internet picks up steam, numerous are asking how business will revolutionize in a world where the consumer is "always signed in".


Many people are shifting from physical stores to buy goods and services to the Internet. Today, 60% of buyers in developed and underdeveloped countries go…


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Choosing the best software for 3D Furniture Modeling Services

There are many companies that provide the furniture modeling services. So what should be the criterion to choose the best one? Most firms look for the ease and the quality that is offered by the 3D modeling firm, the way the firm handles its business, the ease of communication and the most important, what are their charges.

One such company that offers furniture modeling…


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CAD: 2nd Industrial Revolution for Healthcare Industry

The two years long Crimean war in October of 1853 to March of 1856 sowed the seeds of industrial revolution; spreading its effects on each and every major industry including manufacturing, transportation, defense, healthcare and just any other. However, when all these industries had seen small or big…


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