February 2015 Blog Posts (8)

Fueling Innovative Product Development Strategies in a Competitive Landscape

The modern landscape for manufacturers is changing, and is changing big in terms of shrinking profit margins and ever-increasing customer demands. The cost-effectiveness of the product being developed remains a deciding factor that allows manufacturers to gain benefits from the trending market.

Unlike past, manufacturers today are forced to keep updating their products in the market, and that too at a faster rate. The…


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Cutting Development Time for Pumps through Simulation Techniques

From simple household uses to high-end industrial applications, pumps remain a preliminary device make our lives easier. It’s nearly impossible develop many equipments and devices that rely on pressurized fluid streams without utilizing pumping systems. Because of its highly important role, it is evident to place a firm focus on its design for a particular application.…


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Architectural 3D Floor Plans and 3D House Design Help Architects to Win Projects

Today the AEC industry has progressed and has adopted technology like never before. Right from harnessing the power of 3D modelling and photorealistic rendering, animation, interactive visualization to Building information modelling, they have done it all.

However today, there are still some architects and designers, following the same old rudimentary and time consuming conventional methods to create and communicate their architectural…


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Marketing-Ready Product Animations

With all of the time and energy (and cost!) that goes into creating designs and their 3D CAD models, it is a great idea to try to leverage that CAD topology and product structure in as many places as possible. One opportunity to gain additional value from those 3D design is through the creation of marketing-ready product animations.

The benefits of animation are many, and your engineering team may already be…


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Does Your Wearable Device Really Need a Smartphone Application?

This is part 11 of our series, “The Future of Medical Technology: Wearable Devices.” Read Part 10 here.

“There’s an app for that” is a ubiquitous statement nowadays. Does the wearable device that you are developing need a smartphone application?…


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The Ins and Outs of Becoming a Marine Engineer

During the last century, Engineering was developed as a field of study and has since branched off into many different directions, far more than when it was first introduced. There are a number of specialised fields of engineering and they all have their relative professionals and experts who are well known for being the top in their respective fields. As well as Civil, Computer, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, one such field is Marine Engineering. …


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FAQs on Connecting a Wearable Device to the Cloud


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Visualizing and Demonstrating the Architectural Concepts and Designs in 3D

With the arrival of 3D designs rendering, architects and home designers can visualize external surroundings and interior designing conveniently. Today to visualize various architectural concepts clearly and accurately the conceptual demonstration of designs and concepts of architecture are very useful.

Referred to as pre-visualization, Architectural 3D Rendering has now become the key to…


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