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Using Bit.ly To Track Your Twitter ROI


People tell you that your business should be on Twitter, but as a marketer, you are pressed to show that Twitter has a positive ROI.  You put out tweets with links, but how can you tell if people are reading your tweets?

If you are familiar with the Twitter world, you are most certainly familiar with bit.ly links (pronounced “bitly”), but even if…


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Engineer thinks "outside the box" for new toy design

Here's a cool story about an engineer and his experience with Protomold to develop a new toy.  His choices deliver good info for other engineers.


When it comes to rapid prototyping, product design presents you with a series of choices involving the function and aesthetic of the product, the methods of manufacture to be used to realize the product, and physical, financial, timeline, and other constraints on the choices. This month’s tip…


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Kathie's Question of the day: What alternative source is the best new fuel for cars?

With everything from algae to used french fry oil, engineers have been able to get cars going on fuels other than oil and gas. I even read an article recently on a car powered by wind


But even though these alternative sources are fun to explore and may work, they aren't…


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Live the Dream 2011

Had a discussion  today and got a chance to help the Entrepreneur connect with some potential suppliers for a really cool consumer product - be interesting to see his plan come in....



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Expanding digital dentistry: 3D Systems offers new dental printer

3D Systems Corporation (NASDAQ: TDSC), a manufacturer of 3D printers, rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing equipment, announced its new 2011 ProJet™ DP 3000 3D printer, a dental CAD/CAM 3D printer for wax-up production that provides measurable financial returns and a proven ROI for the dental lab.

The new ProJet™ DP 3000 printer features an expanded ultra-high definition build area that delivers up to a 60% productivity improvement, enabling dental labs to dramatically ramp up… Continue

Added by Leslie Langnau on February 24, 2011 at 10:24am — 2 Comments

ZCorp. discusses recent major milestones

Customers ordered more than 7 million cubic inches of materials from Z Corporation, maker of 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and 3D scanning technologies. This is a record sale for the company of the build materials used to print 3D models. In Q4 2010, Z Corp. sold more consumables than in any previous quarter in the company's 16-year history. Based on an average size model such as a coffee cup, this would be the equivalent of printing 25,000 new design ideas every…


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MD&M West show wrap-up

The Medical Design & Manufacturing show, held at the Anaheim Convention Center last week, was really just a part of the overall action, with sister shows focusing on packaging, electronics, automation, plastics, aerospace/defense, and sustainable manufacturing. Attendance was decent and exhibitors were mostly pleased with the event.

Kevin Gingerich of Bosch Rexroth’s Linear…


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More on 3D Systems acquisition of Quickparts

It’s clear that 3D Systems is on the acquisition path.

The benefits of the acquisition of Quickparts are:

--the ability to grow its custom parts portfolio,

--access to Quickpart’s well-thought of e-commerce technology,

--and perhaps most importantly--the ability to sell and cross sell to customers needing CNC machined and injection molded parts, a capability absent from 3D Systems line up. 

3D Systems 3Dproparts business, which is similar in that it is a…


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Hot news in the Additive Manufacturing world: 3D Systems acquired Quickparts

3D Systems Corporation announced that it acquired Quickparts, a leading custom parts services company based in Atlanta, GA.  In 2010, Quickparts reported annual revenue of $25 million. Both Ron Hollis, President and Chief Executive Officer of Quickparts and Abe Reichental, President and Chief Executive Officer of 3D Systems announced that they were pleased with the move. 

3D Systems plans to integrate its parts fulfillment capabilities with…


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Live Your Dream Contest

Just wanted to share with you a program we're launching - would love your participation or share with other folks. We're working out some details on rules and regulations, but sneak peak at a news release tomorrow. Appreciate any feedback or comments here.


Cleveland Based B2B Media Company Launches “Live your Dream; Be An Entrepreneur” Contest with $25,000.00 for Winning Business Idea

Contest to foster business development in Cleveland,…


Added by Scott McCafferty on February 21, 2011 at 4:00pm — 6 Comments

Engineers with a good idea get a boost from Quickparts

Bernie Graham, an inventor from North Bay Ontario, Canada, likes to read from a popular tablet. But some functions, such as typing and gaming, are more difficult to do on tablets than others, especially if you need to hold the tablet with at least one hand.

“Bernie had an idea for a hands-free stand that would sit on your lap, making tablets and e-readers more comfortable and…


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Nook Industries Overview Video

OUR MISSION Nook Industries' mission is to be an innovative and responsive organization whose linear motion products are engineered, manufactured, and delivered to meet or exceed our customers' specifications and expectations.

Added by Nook Industries on February 17, 2011 at 8:49am — 1 Comment

If you didn't make it to MD&M West . . . . here's what you missed

The 2011 MD&M West is over, but the contacts and connections made there continue. If you weren’t able to visit the show, here are a few of the highlights pertaining to Make Parts Fast.

This year’s show was primarily about investigating the various offerings of vendors. Plenty of technical support people were on hand to answer questions and help designers solve rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing…


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What is it about PCB Design?

What is it about PCB's that make them such an interesting piece of engineering?

I'm asking myself this question as I sit here on a Friday evening after a week of fairly intensive work on PCB design documentation etc...  From my point of view I create a multitude of different board designs from single layer power supply application boards to multilayer test boards being used in instrumentation.  Each of these types of designs have their own frustrations…


Added by Simon Farnell on February 12, 2011 at 12:40pm — 8 Comments

Pitfalls of Doing Business Offshore

  • Quoting Process
    • Misunderstanding of your requirements, and detailed specs.
    • Quoting on incorrect material                  
    • Avoid informing you of  type of tools or dies you paid for
    • Avoid informing you of  life of tools and dies
    • As a new buyer you do not have the rapport nor the buying power
    • It is easy to misinterpret written or verbal comments as expressed by other cultures
  • Sampling
    • Samples…

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UN compact inspires better business practices

I had a chance to speak with Denmark-based LM Wind recently. As a turbine blade, brake, and service supplier, I found out the company has signed a compact with the United Nations. CEO Roland Sudén explained that  the company has 43-GW of installed wind power capacity, but wanted to do more to make its commitment to sustainability more formal.

Lene Mi Ran Kristiansen, communications specialist at LM Wind, said the…


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A very tiny compressor!

Air Squared's new continuous-duty, high-efficiency scroll compressor for battery-powered equipment is a mere 2 in. in diameter and 2.75 in. long. It delivers 48% efficiency with up to 5 lpm flow at 7 psig.

The new design eliminates the need for a dynamic seal by using a traditional orbiting scroll rather than a spinning scroll. The design is intended for production…


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Design World: Actuator Can Run For More Than 1 Million Cycles

Below is the new Design World Article describing the performance and precision of our new Infinity 1 Roller Screw Actuator.  This product is built to out perform the competition.  With lighting fast speed, pin-point precision and uncanny strength the Infinity 1 is in a class of it's own.  review it for your next application.


The ∞Infinity 1™ Roller Screw Actuator was tested to over 1,000,000+ cycles of continuous duty (49 million inches of travel) at 2500 lb of thrust and at…


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