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Conformal Cooling using DMLS and Direct Metal Laser Sintering Technology to Reduce Cycle Time

Conformal Cooling

Conformal cooling is defined as the ability to create cooling/heating configurations within a tool that essentially follows the contour of the tool surface or deviates from that contour as thin/thick sections of the part may dictate for optimal thermal management. The objective typically is to cool or heat the part uniformly. Conformal cooling provides a tremendous advantage in mold tooling through significant reductions in cycle times. Other than the obvious… Continue

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Busting several myths about manufacturing’s smallest technologies

According to research from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) micromanufacturing and nanomanufacturing are becoming the biggest thing to occur in manufacturing since the moving assembly line. A recent survey found that out of 400 manufacturing professionals who expressed an interest in micromanufacturing, half are already using it to produce products. And more than 60% indicate an interest in nanomanufacturing. Such interest bodes well for product designers who are exploring either… Continue

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Alltec Provides Wind Farm Solutions

How does Alltec Corporation stay at the forefront of hard-line business competition? We do this by continuously developing innovative solutions to our customers' changing needs. For this reason, Alltec has shifted one of its focuses to the renewable energy market, specifically wind power technologies. We know that height, shape and isolation are all leading factors in determining the place where lightning will choose to strike. Therefore, wind turbines being one of the tallest points, sustain a… Continue

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Creator of the Transition Roadable Aircraft adopts CATIA Analysis and Composites Design to design its beta prototype with delivery expected in 2011.

Any pilots out there? I just reported that Terrafugia, maker of the Transition Roadable Aircraft, is going to use Catia software for design and analysis of its next prototype aircraft. If you click on the site below, you can read the news. My question to pilots: what do you think of the vehicle's capabilities both in the air and on the ground? Do you think a vehicle like this will have widespread appeal? Cost of the plane wasn't mentioned in the press release. That might have something to do… Continue

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Lemelson MIT InvenTeam needs your help

Hello all,

My name is Alan Zube and I am the pre-engineering teacher at Washington County Technical High School in Hagerstown, MD. We are a Project Lead the Way Program.

My school has been awarded an MIT Lemelson Research Grant. We are attempting to design a color-changing roof.

One of our ideas is to design a panel that has a white background and a clear cover (probably acrylic) with a small space between in which would pump a dark liquid (turning the panel… Continue

Added by Alan Zube on January 2, 2010 at 8:15am — 4 Comments

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