Multi-Direction Load Rollers

Multi-Direction Load Rollers is a kind of cargo trolley,which can rotating 360 degrees.
Multi-Direction Load Rollers-LHUR, also named rotating cargo trolley, rotating load skate, rotating roller skids and so on.

Multi-Direction Load Rollers-LHUR Description
Each LHUR skates for heavy loads equipped with a pulling handle.
Multi-Direction Load Rollers every wheels can be swivel 360° maneuverability.
Multi-Direction Load Rollers-LHUR normally used on moving heavy loads in confined and narrow spaces.
Rotating Multi-Direction Load Rollers will not damage floors, and will not leave marks. Lower profile keeps loads close to the ground.
Rotating Multi-Direction Load Rollers is easy to change of direction, newly designed roller skates moves heavier loads safely and easily.

Max load:6-15 ton
Warranty: 6 months


Model Max Load
(T) Wheel Size
(mm) Wheel Material Wheel Qty
(pcs) Maximum Turning Diameter
(mm) Height
LHUR-6U 6 115 PU 6 920 146
LHUR-8U 8 115 PU 8 1040 148
LHUR-10U 10 115 PU 10 1170 150
LHUR-12S 12 115 Alloy Steel 8 1040 155
LHUR-15S 15 115 Alloy Steel 10 1170 155

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