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I am currently researching the state of thermal interface material for electronics, I was wondering if anyone could direct me to a website that contains current state of the art technology on this subject.  With information such as materials or processes used in the aplication of the interface layer.  I have been able to find research done on future products such as nanotube arrays but I was looking for products that are currently being utilized in industry.  Thank you for the help.


Paul, SJSU

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Try these folks out: www.bergquistcompany.com/

Hi Paul, Go to the Thermacore Web site. You should be able to make contact with a company rep who can provide you with detailed design info.
Thank for the information, much appreciated.

Thanks for the links.


Bruce Cunningham said:

Hi Paul, it appears that all of the companies that was referenced would fall into the gap pad or gap filler arena.  These are generally softer materials that fall between the heat source and the heat sink.  Depending on thermal transfer needed, I would also look at 3M for tapes and Saint-Gobain for gap pads.  Most of the products referenced would be under 5 watts per meter K.


There is a new product that uses cardon,  It is very rigid and pricey, but works very well for moving heat around.




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