We are looking for a "through beam" or similar sensor to be use in alignment application as shown on the picture attached. We will use two sensors that can align a sheet of metal or plastic within Y and X coordinates with a precision of .001" as shown in the image. The slot perforated in the sheet are .001" width so laser beam of sensor should be no more than .001" width as well.. Once the two photoelectric sensors cross the the small slot in the plastic sheet then sensor will send signal to our PLC to stop the two stepper motors.

Could you please provide a list of companies that carry such sensor?.

What would be the price for such sensors?. 

Does any one know any other idea to accomplish this alignment?

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Hi Luis- I have a couple of solutions- where are you located?
I am in oklahoma..
Hi Luis- The only two devices I know that would detect the gap optically would be either a laser micrometer:


or a laser triangulation sensor:


I could also recommend a confocal chromatic sensor, but they are very pricey. Alternatively we could consider a capacitive sensor also. Please call me at 503-7089969 if you want to discuss further.

Thanks, Ed

luis said:
I am in oklahoma..
Many capacitive sensors can very reliably resolve a dozen microns or so. They work great for plastics. They are not overly expensive. The resolution required determines the cost of the drive equipment.



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