Hi all - Can someone show me a link to some introductory tutorials - I have not had much success finding them.  I have the WF 2.0 training edition.  Thanks a bunch.

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go to amazon and you will find several good books from sdc publications written by toogood ,i believe, also there is a wbsight called e cognition.
search the youtube for "sciyer", "e-cognition", "proe". You may also join www.mcadcentral.com their proe forum. Another resource is the www.proe.com.
The best resource however are the help files. You may have to burn a lot of mid night oil, but then it would be worth it.
Join scribd for $10.00/month. I found literally hundreds of articles and tutorials there.

If you are looking for free tutorials on Pro/ENGINEER (or Creo Elements/Pro), there are several that can be found on LearningExchange - PTC's newest learning application - covering a wide range of topics.



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