Can anyone suggest medical device distributors who deal within the USA?  My company has developed a unique way of conducting highly accurate and repeatable method(s) useful for both early detection and active surveillance of prostate cancer using 3D images.  We have reached production on our image-guided prostate biopsy device and are now investigating distributors.


For more information on the company please visit:



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The problem is finding a distributer who doesn't want a new BMW every time he makes a call.  Those guys give new meaning to the name "mercenary".  Read the book  "Salesman Surgen", true story of purest greed.  My advice, baised on long experence, is to find honest in-house people (retired nurses are the BEST!!)  Pay them a reasonable salery and a small comission, and you may just make money on your product.  DO NOT get involved in Dr. pay-offs, they will bleed you dry!!!  Chuck Dohogne
Charles, thanks for the insight.  My reasoning for looking for a distributor is because they are (or would be) well established within the medical device industry and already have the contacts needed to begin pushing devices.  Are you aware of a particular consulting firm that would have individuals to sell devices on a commission-based contract?
I have been out of the field for a while, no current contacts.  Any MD friends?  Ask them what they think of device salesmen.  Chuck
I work for a company that is involved in the diagnosis and treatment (radiation therapy specifically) of cancer. It might be something that we are interested in. I am not the contact you need since I am in development on the radiation oncology side but you can check out our website - for more information on our company and contact information.
Travis, I am well aware of your company, we actually have used your stabilizers with several of our development projects.  I am only able to find the generic email contact information on the site.  Is there a more specific direction/person you could point me to or is the best bet to ask through that email address?

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