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Green Engineering is the design, commercialization and use of processes and products that are feasible and economical while minimizing:
Generation of pollution at the source and risk to human health and the environment.

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Comment by Andrew Feliks on March 19, 2009 at 9:13am

In normal piston pump, we have two elements definition pumps – diameter of piston and stroke piston In half rotate pump we have too same elements: diameter “piston” and long “piston” and additional important possible regulations TORQUE of drive pump on arm with some hole... This same on crankshaft side
This regulation are without additional gear .

Some adwantages:
For salt water I think better solution made all this pump PCW , or ABS, or propose - ceramic

Or to exchange these holes for the smoothly regulated shoulder e.g. with stepping motor driving the thread.....

It is the simplest manner of the fluid adjustment of the productivity of the pump .

Really the new system could replace the traditional injection pomp (pistons) of Diesel of the type Bosch???

Regards Andrew :)

Maby hydraulic servo for helms in aircraft ????
Comment by Andrew Feliks on March 10, 2009 at 2:37pm
Above I described power stations to Zarnowiec about the power of 720 megawatts, and the size of her upper container

But this size of the container will suffice for the cycle 5.5 an hour long, that is through 5.5 hour we can receive 720 megawatts of the power. But if the productivity of pumped sea water is sufficient, for keeping the fluidity of the move cycle 2 hour will be enough for us an hour long.
Then about such a size we can obtain 2000 MW from the container .A by supporting the stormy weather even 4000 MW, if installed devices will let it.

On shallow water it is necessary to use half- rotate of the pump .

In of Ewas to Żarnowiec at present the employed is 114 - here with it:
three members of the management board,
29 engineering-technical employees,
59 paid housemen hourly,
9 economic employees,
10 administrative attendants.

Reegards Andrew
Comment by Andrew Feliks on February 16, 2009 at 11:42pm

Comment by Andrew Feliks on February 16, 2009 at 11:19pm

In my latest solving the oscillatory dynamo, a diode who exchanged the changeable oscillatory electricity for the electricity about the permanent polarity was crucial element
Such an element fulfilling identical functions as the diode exists in the hydraulics of theses. There is a valve one-sidedly letting it in to water. it is opening for example only then when the pressure from the feeding side exceeds certain described by the threshold e.g. 10 bars. When the pressure is on the feeding side it is smaller, the valve is closing it oneself. and doesn't allow for moving back waters.

The principles of operation are the same like at pumping the bicycle wheel up with pump, but will refer to water. In this way we can hold. in the pipeline pressure e.g. 10 bars, and from leaking out of the pipeline who will be above the pump e.g. 100 meters will be sailing out water.
The one straight line I decided to use the principle for the production of the electric current with the help of sea waves. Although he is supposed to produce the electricity, it is being imported these are for inflating the problem waters sea into the container with water sea e.g. to height 100 of meters, or similar (e.g. on high cliff seashore). The rest is known and professionally made as the normal power station aqueous, but in this case she will be to sea brine. isn't buying it special one should actually solve the difference, only a matter of the precipitated corrosion .

Particularly that such a very similar solution was already on an island applied Okinawa, in the version of the power station pumped storage (but pumping into the container with the help of the electric energy- classic pumped storage).

Into my to pump the version this brine there will be sea waves driving water pumps with valves with diodes into the container Leaking in water only in direction of the container. pipes from pumps into the container will also have middle diameter, in order to in the time of whom from valves, not to waste the energy from different good pumps. Unfortunately the number can reach such pipes even 1000, at the productivity every e.g. 1 m^ 3 / sec.
But by it we can get the power of such a power station 1000 of the MW .

Costs of making such a power station will also be smaller, since for her devices won't have to pump water into the container how it is in classical power stations of this type. Machines will be so like by a normal hydroelectric power plant straight lines and no high cost.



Also shortened descriptions Polish pumped - storage to slight differences of the water levels (100 m) is describing or
[url] [/url]

Gross from many centuries of coasts England and Ireland they were attacked by marine waves .
People built obstacle for these waves sometimes, that they did not prevent from life on islands.
I think that would end this immemorial war goods , and invite this ocean on coast, but that it is high, it belongs it help. It belongs to take advantage it waves, in order to they pumped on its high coast of water.
I think, so around England , Ireland , North America ,shall made this power plant.
More belongs to place in ocean for water pomp e.g.

Pistons type , or my idea half rotate, which will drive usual floats clinched for they behind assistance of rope. Ordinary belongs to place behind each pump bolts, which will be opened e.g. at 10 kG/cm2 (Acting similar for diode I my oscillating dynamo) and which for collect tubes for reservoir on high coast miss water drive it.
Collecting tube should for example for flow 1 m3/sec 0,6 m have diameter.



For achievement in such this collecting tube of flow 1 m3/sec and 10 bar , requirement 12 pump wanted for transport water on according to following specification 100 m height too reservoir.

Pump reconciles, for simplification about normal piston, should have 0,6 m diameter, and 3 m of height. During average jump of rippling 2 m, it will give during one cycle for composite tube 0,5 m3 water pushed (S= 28 dcm2 H= 20 dcm (2 meter) = 560 dcm3 (liter). For set up flow 1 m3, TWO such pumps should pump for collecting tube.
For proper fabrication of pressure on exit of pump ( set up 10 bar ), wanted proper swimmer is.
There is simple account surface of piston of pump will together page (S) x 100 surface of swimmer.
In my example, surface of piston of pump it 28 dcm2, it signifies that swimmer)should have 2800 dcm2. In order to swimmer had such surfaces, it must have 20 m diameter, and definitely 1 m of height. It needs one kit about 12 pumps 12 swimmers 20 m each diameter, or about dimension one swimmer 12 x28 m2= 336 m2.

For behavior some reasonable spans, it is possible to accept, that for such array for production capacity 1 m3/sec 10 bar, wanted near 700 m2 place rippling sea .

Need for continuous supplying tank for power station theoretically 700 m3/s (716 MW , 100 m height ) requirement 700 x 700m2 = 490000 m2 rippling sea . It is theoretically only 700 m x 700 m !, when 2 m average heights of waves.

Here, mathematical enumeration same only:

To 1m3/ sec
1 m^3/sec 10 bar(H=100m ), 600 mm diameter pipe and piston pump, S= 28 dcm2 Hwave= 20 dcm (2 meter) = 560 dcm3 (litre) for 1 m3 need 2 piece . but period are 6 sec , sum 6x 2 = 12 piece pump .

S pump= 28 dcm2 , 10 bar, F =28 T, Hfloat >1m, S float ~~=2800 dcm2 (28 m2) , D float =~~20m
12 piece x28m2 =336 m2 ~~ =100m x 7m using area =700 m2

700 MW (700 m3/sec), H=100m
700 m2 x 700 = 350000 m2 . ~~700m x 700m area of wave

As elements are presented from marine waves over system production current professional , they are built in the world already and test, additional requirement of experience for their building not.
Another, very important information in relation to the system. System the one should be only as storage, rather than storage-pumped what significantly the height of investments will lower in comparing to current answers. Costs will only be so like for an ordinary hydroelectric power plant
Only water pumps with valves (diode) can so that touch up still and selected materials. but in general, it is piston pump known for the antiquity. Summing up, mechanical problems are solved, and with the appropriate swing one should only build such a power station.
The degree of the safety of such containers will also be very high, since put very close the sea, in case of the breakdown of unsealing, they won't cause heavy losses, since water quickly will find its way back to the sea.

I think that wonderful geographical conditions will permit on high cliff Scotland England and Ireland, to build such containers into whom sea, highest waves will be pumping brine on average in world a lot. it means that the efficiency of such a system will be most effective in world, and therefore built containers should be around these countries what in the future can guarantee the green energy for all countries Europium.

Regards Andrew
Comment by Michelle on January 30, 2009 at 6:16am
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Comment by Andrew Feliks on December 29, 2008 at 5:39am

Star engines were characterized biggest always force density

Happy New Year Andrew
Comment by Andrew Feliks on December 16, 2008 at 3:47pm

Nihil nove sub sole.
Star hydraulic or oscillating dynamo.

Regards Andrew
Comment by Suresh on December 15, 2008 at 10:19am
Hi, I am new to this website and the group. I like what Andrew has posted,great work.Thanks for sharing it with others.Keep up the good work.
Comment by Andrew Feliks on December 8, 2008 at 2:30pm

What is this?
This is a hydraulic pump of widmill .

Manner of utilization is next my proposal instead of mechanical transmission
in producing windmills electric current :Hallf Rotete Pump
Main principle of operation on following drawing and has enclosed animation
Solution has many advantages from haf rotate pump. Expensive
substitute is first most important and noisy, emergency transmission
of mechanical windmill .
It is presented next advantage on former drawing
for one dynamo driven manner of connection
of whole farm of windmill hydraulic engine serious too.
This way, we save several most expensive elements of windmills,
treating such farm windmill as integrity .( Complex design)

Regards Andrew
Comment by Andrew Feliks on December 1, 2008 at 1:30pm

Please visit
And visit Qestbook too.It's all my taste.

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