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Green Engineering is the design, commercialization and use of processes and products that are feasible and economical while minimizing:
Generation of pollution at the source and risk to human health and the environment.

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Comment by Andrew Feliks on April 23, 2021 at 5:18pm

Well today I published my article about the basics of my new4stroke engine as a preprint, but on the very important site
Here what is this SAE for the automotive and aviation industries.

The article can be downloaded and commented on. This is my first step on this platform ..
To understand this engine, you need to slowly learn it from scratch .. to be able to design its wonderful properties ..


Comment by Andrew Feliks on November 11, 2020 at 9:00pm

Ok  Mike .. 

Today I will propose the fastest and most powerful STEAM locomotive in the world. It consists of two parts: the first is the most modern electric locomotive currently produced. Surely it has all the necessary things that are needed nowadays .. the second part connected to it is a steam boiler driving a half-rotary star engine with many "cylinders" (e.g. 60 , or in other side 120 )), which can produce about 10 MW of power .. And it drives an ordinary large generators, also with a power of the order of 10 MW, which gives electricity to the first segment - an electric locomotive .. In this way, we avoid many limitations of a classic locomotive, and the efficiency of such a system is greater, because the cylinders do not have half rotate crossheads, on which a lot of energy is lost ...

Now we can get excited, probably we will be able to speed on the railroad track .. here is the electro-locomotive, which set the world speed record of 357 km / h (ES64U4). Considering its weight, it is a good result .. now, I suggested that she should do it, without electricity in the network, but only an attached "steam locomotive" which generates electricity for her ... in the amount of about 10 MW.

And I think that such a set can be more economical in terms of thermal energy consumption than traditional transmission from power plants through the electric network to the railroad tracks .. Here, with such transmission, we have about 30% losses ..
Now, if we add to this the depreciation and maintenance of the expensive transmission network, which may be in the amount of another 20%, it will give us a number of 50% savings for such a solution ..
And all this thanks to the half rotate engine (as a further development of the new 4 stroke), as a steam engine, which is also more efficient, because its "pistons" do not rub against the cylinder walls, and it does not have to have a crosshead.






Comment by Mike Rother on April 27, 2020 at 10:39am

Just thought I'd put this out here as well...

If you could use an extra hand on a project. Let me know. I am using Autodesk Fusion 360 (Give it a try). I can step models out and/or provide PDF's of the old 2D drawings...

Or better yet, if you hear of an opportunity in the Denver area, pass this on.

I am a Product and Mechanical Designer. Much of my career is involved in computer aided design of components for the aerospace, transportation and medical device industries. I am also a US Navy veteran.

While working at United Launch Alliance (ULA) I supplied 3D CAD models from the engineering group to the tooling supplier enabling concurrent design of manufacturing tooling. I also designed a stage separation component test stand for the ordnance group to verify the engineering design.

I have also designed more than 450 FAA certified components for the Adam A500 aircraft. I find that wherever I have worked, I bring three key strengths to the table: CAD expertise, component design and invariably I have gained a reputation as the "GoTo" guy to support high value projects.

I have a passion for designing products that are making a positive impact on the environment.  On my personal time I have designed concepts for environmentally friendly, modular lawn and garden power equipment.

I am looking for a position that uses my skills, experiences and passion for product design to support your engineering group.

Thank you

Comment by Mike Rother on April 27, 2020 at 10:28am

I updated my Yard Mule project pics. Take a look. 


Comment by Andrew Feliks on April 27, 2020 at 9:56am

For now, the first animal experiment is successful Trumps Medicine and the fish don't die ...
And the leds are with or without ozone access ... I think that the newly created medicine department at the University should examine the rest and determine ...


Comment by Andrew Feliks on April 26, 2020 at 5:23pm

Well, you know that I have my myasthenia, 5 years and I have confirmed AChR antibodies .. My last resort is how bad it will be to be able to make me Plasmapheresis. It is a procedure of blood exchange in my body and depriving it of harmful antibodies .. I was quite interested in it because it can concern my health directly .. It is based on the fact that from my blood, apart from my body, these antibodies are gradually removed from her and back into my bloodstream .. when it is cleansed twice, more blood than I have, it can be full. Unfortunately it is not a complete cure, but for a longer period of time .. It is a bit similar to kidney dialysis .. which also removes toxins from the body ..
And now I came up with a new method of cleansing the blood without releasing it from the body, which is much safer because the blood will not infect. The invention of the method also came after inspiration by President Trump, who dreamed of disinfecting the body from inside ..

I decided to call this method of blood disinfection Trumps Medicine. That is why I call it Medicine, because it is a completely new way, presumably allowing us to quickly get rid of many diseases of bacterial or viral nature ... that is, most of us oppressive diseases .. It consists in the vein, like during dialysis, we insert a needle, but with a needle no blood flows and we put a sterile optical fiber in it and seal the connection so that no bacteria get into the vein. Now we let in UV-C light that disinfects the blood from bacteria and viruses. Of course, we must carry out animal tests beforehand, what power of light can we use and at what frequency of spectrum ... dialysis lasts about 5 hours and a total of 50 liters of blood flows through the dialysis device .. I think that in this case turning on the UV-C socket for such a long period can effectively sterilize blood from unwanted viruses .. light can have several milliwatts in power and a pumping device for an optical fiber, this radiation can have several milliwatts and be powered by batteries .. in this way, even when walking, we can "heal" quickly and accurately .. But this requires careful analysis and selection of power, frequency, type and usage of this .. I think that for starters, tomorrow the leading laboratories should already introduce fiber optics into the veins of animals and explore this extremely promising method .. The production of a diode laser at such frequencies recently, allows the fiber to be pumped, and the exact manipulation of it. Also, after developing the method, you can absolutely choose a sterile method similar to that used in emprom memories erased by ultraviolet through a special window. Namely, such a window can be implanted in the vein, and through it do not dose this ultraviolet, which will be a completely sterile method of "treatment". Here are some links that may be helpful for developing this branch of medicine .. Because it seems to me that we will also have an impact on cytokines and storms exerted by them ... but it is experience that must show and appropriate ways ..


Well, there is already a medicine for my myasthenia gravis, but because of the amount of my retirement I am not in danger of using it ..
His name is Soliris

Comment by Andrew Feliks on February 8, 2020 at 4:51pm

This German idea works or doesn't work, but certainly when applied to my balloons it shows the way to go .. My balloons are not perpetuam motion, just a giant heat engine for low temperature, which has already been proven to work because the balloon is rising due to this relatively low temperature inside.
And this German way how to properly enlarge it, it will work, enabling the previously wasted energy released into the air to use, and it can be energy released into the air from a coal-fired power plant, gas-fired power plant, or four-stroke energy engine (atomic power plants also), which only have no more than 50% efficiency, and the rest they release into the atmosphere And now maybe even with 40% of this energy can be used for electricity production, which can even give 90% of the total efficiency to give us such a new power plant ... 

Well, such "balloons" would have to have dimensions of 10 x 20 x 10 meters, and they could be built like scenes at outdoor concerts .. but the skin weight would be balanced, as well as thermal illumination in the form of foam polystyrene lining could be done .. No only the height of the tower is a problem .. Al I think that the height of 200 meters is quite real, that is, say, these 6 pieces of such "balloons" on this tower could work on one side, which would give a pull of up to 3000 KG ..

Well, for example, exhaust fumes from a diesel power plant could be introduced there, and with cooling hot water too .. So theoretically 50% of this heat energy lost in such a power plant could be forced to work ...

Even water vapor could also be used to fill a "balloon" .. its weight is only about 0.5 KG at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius ..
hot air pump, e.g. power plant chimney ...
and works 24 hours a day regardless of the weather ..


Comment by Andrew Feliks on November 17, 2019 at 2:16pm

And here, as if someone wants to calculate the displacement of a new engine ... and thus everything you need then, is different from the current engine ..
and the first weld, which you will not see on the animation ... that the minimum volume of the combustion chamber is 370 degrees of rotation of the main crankshaft ..


Comment by Andrew Feliks on November 14, 2019 at 5:58am

Here, such false graphs are:

There was once a discussion on this subject .. I used to think so until 1980 ... But later I looked at it differently and I know, as a result of years of reflection and experience, that all this is sucked from the finger, these heat and mechanical losses, unfortunately .. Here is an evident example showing that the resistance to movement of the crankshaft and the camshaft is several times larger, so these charts are a complete fairy tale ..
And that's why they are not building new efficient engines ... previous engineers. and until they revise their views, they will not build a better engine .. Here you stubbornly do not see that my engine with the same capacity, the main piston sucks 3 TIMES more air into the cylinder, and you try to compare it to a traditional engine that sucks 3 times less ,, And you say that the losses on my pistons according to these graphs are much larger .. Yes, maybe (but I'm not sure) but they suck these 3 times more charge into the cylinder and This is an undeniable physical basis, but my engine must be more efficient , no matter whether you acknowledge or not...

You can see that the shaft itself is very light, you can turn the hand, it is very difficult to mount the camshafts, even using a long arm wrench .. I think that even 5 times more force is needed for this .. I used to rotate several engines that I modernized and I repaired and I know that this is a big difference in this strength .. And this will also be confirmed by every efficient engine mechanic...
And that's why modern engineers, unfortunately, put them down and are unable to make a working engine from 23 HP to 250 HP ... and until they start to find out, however, it is, they will not do it ... And I do a lot so that they deign find out ... until health allows.


These and this graph shows that the valve train movement resistance, despite increasing the turnover by 6 times, does not consume more energy .. It's some wonders, because they also have their inertia, and bearing resistance also increases, similarly to the resistance in shaft bearings crankshaft ... and as a result of increasing turnover from 1000 to 6000, this green space should be much wider ... .. and this indicates a very unreliable development of this chart. Because the valves also have their inertia, which increases with the square of revolutions, and thus the friction in the drive system of these valves also ...


Comment by Andrew Feliks on October 7, 2019 at 5:30pm

Well, here in the film you can see that the valves are almost not open at higher revolutions .. The same is seen this opening, the air that is to enter the cylinder ..

And the sound that this mechanism produces is huge .. You can take my word for it that the whole sound (95%) of the four-stroke engine comes from the timing mechanism ...
My engine has only 5% of this mechanical sound,

But on the exhale ... world record ...evil



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