We can integrate alternative and sustainable Energy with the conventional energy system

   The water we drink we must not take for granted while Natural Gas offer great source as a fuel however sometimes taping into underground unstable Shale formation such as the marselles shale are losely packed  easily fractured using an hydraulic process such as fracking however this process when used improperly and rushed can contaminate ground water and artesian wells destroying sources of potable water in various areas in the world, but the good thing is that natural gas can be extracted safely following a Geologic subsurface investigation using electric logs to determine best path for drilling and pumping fracking fluids however we can also produce a compatible gas thats compatible with natural Gas , its Methane and by using conversion factors of various waste plant and animals can yield methane which can be mixed with Natural Gas or used independently.  We can take this fuel incorporate it into fuel cells or Sterling cycle Engines increasing efficiency and electrical power to learn about our process visit, ChTank.Org  ChTank.org 

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