Dear All,

My name is Tri Tien, the founder of CAEbay, located in Toowoomba City, Australia. I am writing this letter in regards to introducing our business to you and informing you on the many services provided by us.

CAEbay,, is an experienced engineering and computer simulation business, offering insightful engineering analysis and computer simulations for a wide variety of applications. Our services include finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), discrete element method (DEM), multibody dynamics (MBD), fluid structure interaction (FSI), wind turbine simulations, and engineering R&D consultancy.

As we both are in the same field of mechanical engineering, we can discuss how our services can help you or your respective customers reduce product development cost and time while improving safety, durability and functionality of your products.

For further information, please visit our website. I look forward to a wonderful relationship together and a successful future.

Tri Tien
CAEbay Founder
Mechanical engineer, Ph.D.

*** What our clients say? ***
“It became clear that Tri has an unusual ability to computer model both physical objects and processes involving thermodynamics, movements of fluids and combinations of these.” Director Cliff Walker, ltd., New Zealand.

“We encountered some serious failure problems that halted our sales. Tri quickly identified the cause of the failures and invented a fail-safe substitution that allowed us to resume sales.” Thomas R. Anthony Ph.D, NAE., America.

“With a very tenacious and robust problem solving ability, Tri was able to apply a deep technical knowledge into an array of projects to improve both existing systems along with the research into new areas of possible business.” David Pring, Managing Director, Timber and Laminate Services Pty Ltd., Australia.

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