Experienced engineer with more then 25 years in mechanical engineering, fluid power industry.
I want to start working freelance to keep my skills active; I am in transition and no body seems to hire in my area, and that's why I humorously present myself as a freshman freelancer.
I don't have a Solidworks, or Pro-E seat, but I can perform FEA Static Simulations, and Fluid Flow simulations ( SolidWorks only), on client's site, or with their logistics support.
Modest start, lots of knowledge and expertise to offer.
Any feed-back, recommendations, and leads are greatly appreciated.
Iris Florea

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I am having the same problem, I found some opportunities on craigslist.
Hi Iris,

I wanted to find out if you can do 3D animation of our Forsta self-cleaning water filters.

I am looking for about 2-3 minutes video



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