Patrick Dickerson is the owner of the  Animated Pixel atThe Animated Pixel  who is a virtual prototyper  in which vurtual prototyping has  the following advantages:

 1. Cheaper to produce,

 2. Easily stored on CD, flashdrive or DVD,

 3. Portability (not parts to carry around with added weight),

 4. Reduces travel time by copying and forwarding/shipping to various companies,

 5. Used by visualization to examine function and design,

Advantages of a Physical Prototype:

 1. Physically able to examine its workings/design,

 2. To some more appealing and realistic, practical,

 3. Manufacturers can more easily decide on cost of production Run's(small or Large),

In conclusion, Physical prototyping is more costly because it requires parts and labor as well as sometimes various craftsman to forge the finished product and sometimes the time traveling and carrying the extra weight does not offer the consequences that most inventors seek and that is licensing. For 10 closed doors expect 1 out of the group to be receptive if your concept is practical
and in demand the that is a true value when trying to valuate sales and receipts! 


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