HI everyone.
Before we all go racing into the above annual competition (again), I was reading the terms etc of the competition and a few questions raised their head(s):
Why are Vestas looking for Engineering Masters students to look at their supply chain logistics issues or their quality control issues. If they want to get students to submit "what would be a feasibility business case plan for how Vestas could position itself profitably within the Micro-grids market, considering aspects such as; consumers needs", then wouldn't they be better served by offering the competition to Masters of Business Administration or Economics or Town Planning or even QA ISO14000 course participants.
Does anyone in this group know if any of the Masters of Engineering study courses at your local university have any part of their course or options devoted to studies of the areas Vestas is asking about?
If they only make a minimum 850Kw turbine why on earth are they asking Engineering students to solve the problem of penetration into the micro-grid market. It does not take Einstein or Accenture to work out that you either build a suitable sized unit for the market or get out of the market and stick to what you know best. Historically, too many companies have gone belly up by diversifying.
The cynic in me says they are either;  
looking for ways to avoid getting Accenture in, because unlike Honeywell and others they do not offer the winner anything more than a round the world airline ticket as prize ( not that it wouldn't be a nice prize).
trying to look "supportive of tertiary research" into their business whilst being in a position to capitalise on, and own, any IP that comes their way by means of a "competition". 

I am not saying the competition is a bad thing, I think its entry criteria should be widened for it to get the best quality responses.

Any thoughts?
I have also posted this on Windpower Exchange and got some interesting reponses.

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