I would like feedback from anyone that can give me a little help.  I am a transmission planning engineer for a utility company and would like to get into the wind industry.  I have an electrical engineering degree and would like to know what courses/training/certificate would help me advance my career.  Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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Not knowing your entire background or your goal it would be hard to say exactly what you would need. The key is if you have T&D planning; and would like to remain in T&D planning just in the Wind industry; I don’t think there is a great deal you need to improve upon except understanding the problems associated with wind power transmission; but I am not a hiring manger and in today’s market they can be selective with regards to qualifications.

If you are looking to work with the mechanics of Wind energy, I think the Mechatronics courses will benefit you the most. If you don’t have an EE and want to work on the new interface and transmission development work and engineer technical problems associated with transmission; the I suggest you complete the technical degree and if do have the degree; complete to the next level and look at some of the Mechatronics course. The rest will require you to demonstrate your accomplished skills and problem solving ability
Thanks you for your response. My background is electrical engineering, currently working as a planning engineer for a utility company dealing with transmission/distribution planning. I did not take many power engineering classes so what I know I have learned on the job in the last two years. I have done some planning studies with wind turbines but I only go as far as checking to see if our system can handle the MW of the units. I believe that if I want to work for a wind energy company that I need to know more about wind turbines, how they connect to the grid, generation and the mechanics behind wind turbines. In order for me to understand issues associated with wind power transmission, would it be better for me to find courses related to wind power or is this something that can be self taught. I believe wind power is a field that is moving forward and I would like to get my foot in the door.



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