Hey guys,

Im glad that I finally found a forum where I can talk freely and get some sound advice from other practicing engineers. I've been in the engineering profession for about 3 years now. I work as an RF Engineer in Canada, within the space industry. My background is in Electrical Engineering with a focus on communication networks, microelectronics, control systems, real-time distributed system, etc. I would very much like to open an engineering design/services company one day, but for that to happen I know I'd need to get out of space and move into bigger industries like handheld devices, semiconductors, medical device, etc. I would like to ask some of the senior peers in this forum, to tell me about the experiences that I should be focussing on getting to be able to set up an engineering firm. Also, I'll be picking up my P.Eng designation in the next year. Would it be a good idea to move into consulting at that point in time?

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