Electrical engineering components are everywhere and is used in many platforms on a daily basis. Here are some things that EEs have designed and created with power, automation, microelectronics, communication, and computer engineering techniques .

Aufm Exo Skelett Hand 300x224VW ZAIRE Concept 1 300x168


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Those headphones are definitely overengineered. Human hearing is defined as 20Hz to 20KHz. and unless you wear hearing protection every hour of every day of your life, by the time you're in your 20's it has degraded to around 12-15KHz for the high end. To paraphrase Lex Luthor, "Only one being on less than four legs can truly appreciate these headphones."

I so want to see the VW ZAIRE built, though. Heck, NatGeo Discovery Chalen AND TechTV could EACH do a documentary on that car without running out of things to say, or making 'near-clone' episodes of each other. And that's BEFORE it's even taken out on a photo safari.

Hi Andrew,

Yeah, those headphones are over-engineered. But, I bet people will run out to buy them because it claims to better than "Beats".

The VW Zaire concept is said to never be built. How many times have we heard that? Then ten years later we will see the same concept when designers think we've gotten it out of our minds.



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