Firstly I am apologies about my English and will be glad to explain the unclear things. :)

Last time the prices for machining of metal parts are enormous. This fact threatens on my business: R&D of new machines or mechanisms. The developed machines are such expensive, that anyone can't allow himself to order something original.

Therefore we are looking for replacing machined metal parts. The idea is to use composite materials for complex parts, but without expensive forms. The forms must have open top (top surface will be flat) and the casting process will be simple pouring without pressure. Material of forms will be wood, cardboard or another cheap and simple for treatment materials and metal inserts where necessary.
The demands are:
1. Good liquidity during form filling.
2. Good glue quality for metal inserts.
3. Low shrinkage.
4. Good durability etc.

Thank in advance for any recommendations about types of fibers, resins, fillers and auxiliary materials. If the idea is realizable it will bring us to new workshop and I have a ½ million questions about organizing the production line. Maybe you know a book about no-pressure composite technology and composite workshop organize?

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