I would be most grateful if anyone could advise me with respects to
information regarding which composites are best suited to use in
constructing an acoustically dead inner chassis for high-end
loudspeakers? One should expect the thickness of the chassis wall to
be approximately 25mm thick.
Any suggestions concerning OEM manufactures that can supply
such composites will be greatly appreciated.

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You are asking for something that is typically mutually exclusive. Composites by their nature are stiff. That being said it is possible with a fiber like kevlar and a resin like polypropylene as the matrix. The fiber architecture would have a contibution also.
A way of enhancing apparent stage width and depth of speakers is to couple them, accoustically, to the floor. Devices to couple speakers to a floor were made from aluminum metal matrix composites (wrought aluminum alloys plus SiC particles). These were found to enhance the apparent stage width and depth. Therefore, MMCs would likely NOT be good for your application,.



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