We,Solcom&Hapn Electric designs and produces high performance drives and soft starter, pleased to introduce our products lines as follows,
We offer product ranges,
Universal AC drives with compact structure,built-in filter, Din rail mount,U/F contorl
200~240V, 1ph,0.4~2.2kW
200~240V, 3ph,0.4~7.5kW
380~480V, 3ph,0.4~11kW
High performance AC drive / AFE Drive  for lift/cranes/conveyor control in heavy industry, with high start torque,quick response,precision control.
220V,   5.5~90 kW
400V,   5.5~400kW
525V,   30~400kW
690V,   30~500kW
1140V, 30~500kW
MV Solid State Soft Starter( occupy 50% market shares in China) ,sold to Rosneft,Tehran Refinery
3.3kV-13.8kV   ~25000kW
LV Soft Starters( economical type,smart multiple functions type):
-Smart type: real time online running without bypass contactor,
-Smart type: built-in bypass contactor
110V   ~3kW
220V   ~280kW
400V   ~450kW
500V   ~630kW
690V   ~850kW
1000V ~850kW 

Solcom&Hapn(Shanghai)Electric Co., Ltd.

Email: solcom4@solcom.com.cn

Skype ID: tsingf

T:+86-21-51805663 F:+86-21-51805665

Add: 8017 Hutai Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai 201908,China

http:// www.hapn.cn

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