I have a customer that wants to read a sensor log file from another system, import the sensor values into the data registers, and use them for control on a PLC.

Where should I get started? Does anyone have any recommendations about hardware and software?

I would prefer the PLC pick up the data file via Ethernet, but Serial Communication would be the alternative.

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The sensor log file from other system is where to start. Need to export data to text file, preferably comma delimited. Then go to other end (PLC) find example from whatever PLC vendor you are using, on how to import text data file. (Like file in. file out FIFO, block transfer, etc.)

Of course since your post is so long ago, you have probably done accomplished you mission. So why not use this discussion post to post how you succeeded. Share the details with us all, so we can all learn. Thanks Michael. sorry wasn’t in this group earlier to help you out.



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