Dear friends we are a holding investors company based on u a e - dubai right now we are interesting to build aluminium extrusion plant in some place in Africa ,we need full information about the extrusion aluminium plant is there any body can help me to prepare the full repot about this plant, i need to to know the following:

1- what is the area land required for this plant
2- what is the capacity production advise required as starting
3- what is the electricty required for this plant
4- what is the manpower required for this plant including workers , formers, managment
5- what is the approximately budget required for this plant
6- what is capacity production per year
7- layout for production and machines

Hope to have this information very soon

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Good evening!

Almost all these answers you could get from extrusion machinery producers. Most of them offer the turnkey projects.

All depends on what you are going to deploy and industrial environment of target country/place. How many presses, auxiliary processes. What is the demand (structure, target industry and volume of sales).

At this time I'm going in for similar project. :)



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