Which questions do you frequently ask when you want to buy some industrial equipments from some factories or distributors? Which factors do you care mostly when you are ordering?

When you have some requirements to order some electrical machines from the factory or the distributor, you will have some questions to ask them. The questions may include the warranty period, the warranty policy, the payment terms, how to buy some samples, how much is the freight of the goods, ...

And if you are ordering internationally, especially from a new factory or distributor, there are more concerns.

Which questions do you frequently ask in this situation? Which factors do you care mostly when you are ordering? Which answer do you expect when you are asking them?

Do you think FAQs (frequently asked questions) are really what you need?

http://www.inverter-china.com/faqen.htm is FAQ of the factory. Do you think it's enough? Which question do you still want to ask? Which questions do you think they are omitted?

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Commonly, many companies do not have mobile service departments, or service locations near the purchaser's location. This is a primary concern to manufacturing, the equipment must be serviced by experienced technicians. Add this to your lis of questions.
A suggested list of replacement components to keep a production line operating is also a primary concern. Even if your firm does have experienced mechanics and technicians on board, without the parts, it just becomes the 10 cent part that stopped the locomotive. Salesmen are just that, the'll sell you a bill of goods and try to assure you that the equipment will last forever. Stock the parts, get the list.
I've worked in engineering and plant maintenance off and on as well for more than 30 years. I may have many other suggestions offline via my email if you have specific concerns.
Bill Redd - Unlimited Design
unlimited_design@msn.com is my business email

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