What Can You Expect From A Job As An Electrical Engineer?

As an electrical engineer you might be searching for job. So here is a mention of responsibilities and skill set for freshers jobs in pune


You are responsible for the life cycle of projects related to electrical engineer to delivery and beyond from the design phase. Depending on the engineer’s area of specialization the specific responsibility keeps varying associated with this job. It includes:

* Gather the requirements of the customers by communicating with them.

* Systems and electrical products design based on client briefs.

* Costs and time lines estimation for project delivery

* Design specifications and technical drawings interpretation

* Models and project prototypes creation using three-dimensional software design

* During project development and design communicate with the team members

* Whether new products and systems has quality standards with design and performance tests.

* Evaluation and Record of test data.

* System notifications and electrical product proposing for improving the quality and efficiency.

* Products and systems warrant improvements monitoring user comments for learning the areas.

* Retesting systems and electrical products to find whether there is a desired modification effect.

* Repairs and maintenance procedures on current electrical products and systems.

* Generate reports and product documentation

* Projects and performance presentations for clients and company executives.


For excelling their roles electrical engineers require a number of soft and hard skills. These attributes typically aren’t provided on electrical engineering job description and this is what is looked for from the job candidates.

Creativity- Arts,electrical engineers need to have this quality to find new or to design, change and troubleshoot their programs.

Commercial awareness- Commercial trends and innovation aids the electrical engineers develop the best solutions

problem solving skills- Solve the complex problems in case of system failures, repairing and refining goods etc.

You can make your careers in engineering or get into entry level engineering jobs if you are ready with the above responsibilities and skillset.

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The given explanation is very useful to understand responsibilities of an electrical engineer.

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