Black hat seo techniques you should avoid

1) Entering the article spin zone

Article spinner is a programmed robot that creates low quality and meaningless content to avoid plagiarism. But such content is of no importance in google ranking. Therefore it is advised that you should avoid it.

2) Cookie drops

Tapping of the various history of browsers by saving the code for Google to track the user and future references is also a very bad Black Hat SEO technique.

3) Purchasing of links

Buying backlinks is also one black hat technique that you should avoid. The buyers and sellers of the links fell back on the rankings after the Penguin update. So it is better to avoid purchasing such links.

4) Keyword stuffing

It is important to use such keywords effectively and precisely as per keyword density but then if you overuse it, your site will be spammed. Repeating the same keyword or stuffing it on the article will not help you.

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