variable speed drives (AC inverter drives) for automation, energy saving, drives & controls: V/F control, vector control. built-in PID controller, fieldbus supported: ModBus RTU, CANopen, ProfiBus.

Built-in parameter copy function.

Vector Control 1 (optimized V/F control):
Offering excellent vector control performance and insensitive to motor parameters.
Startup torque: 0.50Hz 180% rated torque
Speed adjustment range: 1:100
Speed stabilization precision: +- 0.5%
0.50Hz controllable motor stable operation with 150% rated torque (large torque at low frequency).

Vector Control 2 (Without encoder speed feedback, sensorless vector control, field oriented control):
Precise speed sensorless vector control technology realizes AC motor decoupling, enabling the DC motorization of operation control.
Startup torque: 0.25Hz 180% rated torque (large torque at low frequency)
Speed adjustment range: 1:200
Speed stabilization precision: +- 0.2%
0.25Hz controllable motor stable operation with 150% rated torque.

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