Top interview questions and answer for civil engineers

I have read this questions on internet I think these are important for civil engineers so you should read them once before going to interview.

1.What do you mean by the OSHA compliance?

OSHA alias Occupational Safety and Health Act; its purpose is to satisfy the health and safety norms of workers and employees. It is considered to be a standard for the safety and health that is trailed by each industrial section and corporate workplaces all through U.S.A.

2. What do you mean by reinforced concrete?

Reinforced concrete comprise of steel bars or mesh inside them, which gives additional strength to the structure.

  1. Enlist the common methods of demolition

  • Dismantling

  • Hydro-demolition

  • Pressure Bursting

4. What is flashing in Civil Engineering?

Flashing is a construction extension that is carried out to seal and shields the joints in a structure from water leakage. Flashing is introduced at the roof intersection, walls and parapets.

5. Explain the Critical Path Method Diagram Technique (C.P.M)

Critical Path Method is a methodology and strategy of depicting the respective tasks and activities required in the construction through an emblematic diagram.

6. Explain the significance of a zoning permit

Zoning permit is a document provided by the governing urban authorities allowing the land under question to be utilized for a specific reason.

7. Mention a few softwares that can prove to be useful for an architect

  • AutoCAD

  • Digital Media

  • Photoshop

  • 3DS Max

  • Microsoft Office

8. What do you mean by demising walls?

A demising wall is utilized to lay the boundary that isolates your property or house from that of the neighbour’s home.

9. What are the different kinds of roof systems?

  • Metal roofing systems

  • Stone or Slate roofs

  • Wood shingle roofs

10. What would you call a hybrid foundation?

A hybrid foundation is generally utilized for an elevated structure, it consists of both soil supported piles and mat. This kind of foundation is useful in decreasing the measure of the settlement.

11. Enlist a few checkings to be done post construction completion

  • Drainage

  • Safety provision (i.e. porches, areaways and so on)

  • Compaction factor of fill material

  • Edging of the pavements

  • Storm sewer framework etc…

12. Explain the term progress payment

It is an installment paid by the proprietor to the temporary contractor; it is a contrast between the finished work and material put away and a pre-decided calendar of values or unit costs.

13. What does 1/8 on the architect ruler represent ?

1/8 on the scale is infact a scale that proselytes 1/8 inch on to the drawing to 1 foot. It would depict a drawing with a size of 1/8″= 1 foot.

14. Structural frames or systems

Structural frames happen to be a load bearing structure of columns and beams on an establishment. Ordinarily, the columns and pillars are for the most part created off site and put together on site.

15. List some of the top apps for civil engineers.


  • Houzz

  • Magic Plan

  • Evernote

16. What are wooden shingles? What’s their use?

Wooden shingles are often rectangular. They resemble sheets or slats that are nailed to the outside surface. Shingling is a customary weather proofing strategy for a building.

17. What are the various types of roofs?

  • Bell cast roof

  • Skillion roof

  • Gull wind roof

  • Mansard roof

  • Sawtooth roof

18. What do you mean by release of lien?

Lien release is a written document executed by a person or firm providing labor, material or professional service, which come up with his repairman’s lien against the venture property.

19. What are the prerequisite skills needed to become an architect?

  • Knowledge about laws

  • Engineering capability

  • Designing model concepts

  • Business aptitude

20. List some of the issues that architects have to face

  • Limited budget

  • Limited space

  • When client is not sure about the requirements

More Important questions for civil engineers I hope you all get benefits from this list.

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