Do you want to make a career in engineering line? Well, if yes, you will be glad to know about various career pathways which can be opted for to become an engineer.

1.  Digital Technology: Working with digital technology is one of the electrical engineering careers which allows an electrical engineer to work with digital technology. The main objective is to find ways which help develop small yet effective technology to bring in use for the people. The engineers of this field also have an option to work with cellular companies in order to make the technology small enough to be used in small handsets, making them more efficient. This is an exciting career and can be very profitable too.

2 • Power Engineering: This is another option in the field of electrical engineering. This allows the professionals to deal with the working and maintenance of power or electricity transmitting, generating, and distributing. For this, the professionals should know about the functionality of motors, generators, transformers and power appliances. Dangerous yet rewarding, this can be considered as an exciting job.

3 • Computer Engineering: Electrical engineering careers include computer engineering also. Electrical engineers do not actually make or design software for computers, instead they are the professionals who are responsible for designing hardware and electrical technology to make the computers run effectively. If working with computers is your dream, then computer engineering is an ideal career for you.

4 • Electronic Engineering: The role of an electrical engineer is to design and test electronic circuits. The professionals of this field work closely with computers, modern television systems, and radios on a regular basis. This is also an amazing field, which can be considered as lucrative field.

5 • Control Engineering: Considered as the most desirable career option, this field allows a professional to work with the controllers, so that entire system can be managed in an effective manner. This field usually consists of working with electrical circuits, micro controllers, digital signal processors and PLCs. The interesting fact is that control engineers usually end up working for NASA. Thus, it is not less than any other career options.

The above mentioned are just some of the basic career options in electrical engineering as there could be many more. So, determine what you want to be, and then choose a line carefully.

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