ToolMates Insulating Epoxy Coating Usable Inside Laser?

Hello, I have a application where I need to insulate a Electroless Nickle Copper buss bar with a insulator. This buss bar is to be placed inside a laser enclosure to any epoxy used to insulate this buss bar must be of low outgassing properities. I was told about the ToolMates Insulating Epoxy Coating that you can spray on and it is thermally rated Class F, Dielectric 2100V/mil, Flexible, Resilent Finish. I called the menufacture and all I got from them is once dried it will not outgas. Its made of Dimethyl Ether, actone, Xylene, n-Butyl-Acetate and Methyl ethyl Ketone.


Does any one know if this is true or maybe someone would know of another thermally insulating epoxy I could spray or brush on that is low out gassing?

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