We have a speed problem in our office. Doing run of the mill work Solid Edge is fine but when we work on our large assemblies performance drops off and we have had to wait for up to 45 minutes for the PC to finish working, typically after changing assemblies within the larger assembly. Could anyone take a guess at what's wrong?
Minimum spec on all PCs: Core2Duo 6550 (Dual core @ 2.3 Ghz), 2Gb RAM, SATA hard drives, Nvidia Quadro graphic cards, native resolution on 22” LCDs (1650 x 1050), 1Gb LAN connections, Windows XP Pro 32bit SP2 or SP3

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Hi Andre, when you talk about large assemblies - what sort of ballpark part count do you think you have in the majority of them?

There are many things that can affect large assembly performance. There are many tools in Solid Edge that help speed the process up and concume less resource - inactive parts, simplified parts, simplified assemblies, display configs and more......


Lack of free memory is going to be one of the main things that slows the system down. As soon as your physical RAM (2GB) is consumed by the OS, Solid Edge and other apps that are running, you will start using the page file which will really slow things down.

You could upgrade your memory to 4GB. There is no point in exceeding this on a 32bit XP machine since the OS cannot address anything above this. Bear in mind though that XP 32bit will only allow Solid Edge to address a maximum of 2GB RAM unless you set the 3GB switch in the boot ini file.

If you need any more than 4GB RAM then you need to look at XP 64bit as the OS.

The network will also be a bottleneck in most cases. Do you get the same delay when working on a local dataset?
We have had many customers implement Insight in the past just to take advantage of its local cache capability.

Finally one thing I noticed about your machine spec is that you don't state which model of nVidia Quadro graphics card you have..... These vary in performance depending on what you have.

Hope some of that helps
Bets regards
Hi - also Andre. I am the network manager at the OP's place of work. As a test one of the machine has been upgraded to 4Gb with a Q2D processer. Test assembly was not overly big (about 200 Mb) but RAM usage goes to almost over a Gb. Network is not an issue here as they are running 1Gb connections to a NIC Paired session on a HP ML server, running at 2Gb thru Netgear switches on a 96Gb back plane. User still complains, although it is better.

My next option is to load XP64 for them but is it worth it ??



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