I have noticed on many Aluminum bicycle frames that the Cable Guides and other small fittings (known as braze-ons) look to be soldered onto the frames. Can anyone please tell me the materials and procedures used to attach these braze-ons?  I also assume that the aluminum frames go through a heat treat process after they have been TIG welded and therefore I ask, are the braze-ons attached to the frames after the heat treat processes?  I have attached some pictures of a frame that has been welded together and the some cable guides appear to be brazed on.

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 Hello Jerry

 You should find it on a search or your welding supplier . I have some thing else , we were working on a magnesium alloy stronger then 6061 , extrudable , solved the fire problem , but have since stopped any progress . Soon we should start again . It is 30% lighter then aluminum , that should help your sales .




If the heat treating temperature of the frame is higher than the melting point of the braze on, then it can not be treated afterwards. Most probably, since the size is very small compared to the frame, it does not require treatment after brazing.



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