I’m Dhananjaya B L, I represent Merritt Innovative Solutions India Pvt Ltd.

Merritt is a well established Engineering Outsourcing Service Provider and offers engineering services to Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Machine Tool Industries.

Request you to visit our website @ www.merritt,in

We have excellent infrastructure and human resources having rich Engineering and Design experience from various Industries. We have proven capabilities in providing Engineering Services and have built excellent reputation with all the clients we are working with.

We are looking forward to expand our business and we would like to do that by building partnership with an Engineering company; which is mutually exclusive and beneficial for both the companies to grow. By virtue of the geographical location, Merritt has advantage is many ways to offer the outsourcing services. The minimum turnaround time for a request would be as less as 12 Hrs. India, specially Bangalore is the hub of outsourcing and offers excellent infrastructure and recourse pool to carry out quality engineering services at most economical costs. Our this advantages coupled with our expertise in the various domain makes us preferred outsourcing partner.

We invite for an exclusive partnership to capitalize on each other’s strengths and compete aggressively in the market.

Let me have your thoughts so that we can start discussing the possibilities for tie-ups for faster growth and benefits.

For Merritt Innovative Solutions India Pvt Ltd

Dhananjaya BL

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