Are you a software vendor? Do you offer software as a service (SaaS)? If you don't just yet, hold off until you consider a few steps according to the UK IT directory.


1. Check out what existing SaaS providers are doing. Scrutinize products, packaging, promotions, pricing, and people. Based on what you find, figure out how to differentiate your SaaS from the competition.


2. Ask your customers what they want. You can obtain this kind of information from sources such as a survey or telemarketing.


3. Consider possible delivery offerings such as an on-line SaaS service that provides product downloads. Is the on-line service adequate for all customers or should you also offer alternative means to obtain products/services.


4. Make customers happy in other ways by simplifying administrative tasks such as billing. Automate processes as much as possible. Consider a 3rd party to collect payments.


5. Once you have a system set up, try it out to make sure it works effectively and easily before going live. It should not be a painful experience.


If you're already operating as an SaaS provider, can you offer any other steps or tips that potential SaaS' might want to consider? Are there pitfalls that should be avoided?


Let us hear from you.

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