I am reviewing an Engineering Report authored by Engineers who are not registered in my Province.  Are there safety concerns associated with ensuring Engineers are registered?

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Well yes its a good case to make that you may feel all engineers should be registered however some areas of engineering
are exempt for industrial reasons and some company engineers and its probably for the best because even the mere application to be tested is full of blocks and drop passes and diluge everyone that is not tied to a internal network of
selective selection will not be able to take the exam if this or if that, such as: (1) ABET accredited school, (2) Rediculous
amount of network (references and more references) both personal and professional experience years. It seems that these
types of factors were created to be selective and might even be descriminatory in some cases and selectve on an individualized note in that even if you pass it you want get the immediate respect of being called an engineer when in
fact you are a college graduate with a degree in a particular field of engineering and after passing the test what will
they want address you as? An "Engineer -In- Training" to give some firm all your newly acqired knowledge for cheap
until you become one of the good old boys and melt into their program, no longer eager to compete and lost in
ambition, they don't have to worry about you competing for contracts or grants without them being in your pants
pocket. Its not always the situation of safety, protection of the public and the environment because we also have scientist
who do the same overlaping work as engineers sometimes from the same places we recieved our training the "Universities". While I might be giving a rebuttal to this debate I still say that being Registered is the highest
standard one can achive, but they should not be able to block other engineers in industrial exept areas from competing
for work that might not need a Registered Civil or consulting engineer unless it is truely a public works or fall under
engineering ethics and rules that are made truely fair and equitable for all and not the greedy but the needy.

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