Raspberry pi 3 giveaway do you want to participate?

This is the third Giveaway from Allchips. It's also the celebration for Allchips International Website come online officially. We have prepared 20 of Raspberry Pi 3, 10 of Banana Pi M3, 5 of Panasonic Grid Eye Module and 15 set valuable Consumables Kit for engineers. What's more there are also unlimited mystery gift (Boutique Consumables Kits.) The total value is over US$5000. Hope we can really help those engineers who are or are going to work in the electronics industry.

Winning Rules

  • Total Prizes:20 of Raspberry Pi 3, 10 of Banana Pi M3, 5 of Panasonic Grid EYE Module and Consumables Kits Set One, Two, Three Each 5 Sets.
  • Best UPVOTE: the winner goes to those who top 8 UPVOTES in Allchips website.
  • Best Ideas: the winner goes to who offer the most creative applying reasons, or projects. Our professional engineers will chose 8 of the reasons who attract them the most. social Awards (the most dynamic share of the activities shared, the top 8 of the comments, and the comments will directly get the desired prize.)
  • Best Sharing: the winner goes to the top 3 who get highest Sharing/Like/Comment in their social media, regarding the topic about this Free Giveaway activity.
  • Friendly Sponsorship: to support these Public Service Organizations, we will also choose 3 of them who applied.
  • Best BOM Feedback: use our intelligent BOM solution, and feedback for 300~500 words, we will offer a mysterious prize. No limited in winners, the more the better.
  • One account can only get one prize.
  • Despite above prizes, we will randomly choose over 28 lucky participants , offering the prize they have applied.
  • We will add more prizes, if the applicants are too much.
  • All the apply reasons will be public in our website, so that you can see how many times one prize have been applied.

Raspberry pi 3 giveaway

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