This quick survey is about understand the pain areas in Cost Estimation and study of processes followed around the world for cost estimation. I would also like to study ow it impacts individuals role and work environment; more about human aspect and behavior.


Link for Survey:


Manufacturing Cost Estimation is one of the most discussed aspect of the business given the fact that it decides the 'fate' of the product. Better the profitability of the product it gets more attention by management and also by shareholders. However Design, Manufacturing, Sourcing and Vendors are always worried about either meeting the 'target cost' and meeting the expectation of marketing.


Disclaimer: I will keep this data completely confidential. I might drop you a email in case I have any questions or need clarification.

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I think the hardest thing here is that there are so many changes made throughout the design process, even if you price things out from the beginning, unexpectedly large lead times, new features/reqs, can totally impact what it is you are getting and force you into a box.

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