So in case you haven't been watching the news in the USA, there has been a recent controversy about "invasive" airport screenings.  In some airports passengers have the option of either getting a very detailed 3D body scan or a VERY thorough pat-down.

I just wanted to start an open forum of ideas from engineers of what things could be done to fix the problem or if there is an alternative to the 3D scanning.

As for my opinion, in my local airport, they have booth similar to the 3D scanner, but instead of taking a 3D image, it rapidly spurts bursts of air over your body and in my opinion doesn't seem intrusive at all.  I'm not sure how that works, whether it is getting a scan of my body or is smelling the air, but either way, I think it is a viable option.

Thoughts? Ideas? Anyone? Bueller? :)

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