Which do you use? Which do you prefer?


Given Tim O'Reilly's trend for the commodification of software, I cannot see a future in selling the software we use to communicate our designs forever. Eventually the free software will achieve parity. Is this good or bad? Are captive markets the issue?

It is hard to say with 100% certainty, but if the tools become free, the barrier to market entry is lowered, the barrier to software integration is lowered, and businesses which traditionally focused on capturing audiences with their proprietary tool suite will have to shift their focus to value-added activities within the design and production realm... Does not sound so bad to me.

Certainly some money must be spent on development and maintenance. Many OSS projects have done just that. Successfully, too, I might add. Ever heard of Linux? Mozilla? =)


Professionally I used PADS and PCB123. For me personally I had used Eagle, PCB123, and anything they would throw at a student for free (back in the day). These days I use transparency paper, paint markers, graph paper, photoresist, and a UV lamp. Software just gets in the way...


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