Hi to all. Could those members who hold patents or own successful wind power devices, or even unsuccessful ones, please give us all a look at them, with an accompanying "story so far". We would all like to celebrate your success or learn…"

lets start with mine so far.

I started to investigate crowdfunding the development of my wind energy conversion device from its current 'proof of concept' to 'Prototype" so I could get proper scientific data from it to be eligible for commercialization grants from a couple of levels of government down here in Australia. Because of 'patent protection issues' that I cant seem to get a straight answer about from our Patents Office I have decided to struggle on and fund it myself, however I can show you all the draft campaign pitch which was accepted by the crowdfunding site.....its long....

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this all the way through.


I am 54 years old and live in Hampton, Melbourne. I have worked as a policeman, salesman, landscaper and businessman. For many years I have had a passionate interest in renewable energy and for the last six years I have been working part-time on my windpower device concept. 


I have submitted and had approved a Pozible.com.au crowd funding campaign to raise funds. It may be launched shortly when I have sorted out the IP options and a video is available.


The next step is to take the ‘YIMBY’ brand wind energy conversion device from its current "proof of concept" stage to "working prototype" stage by constructing a demonstrable, scientific prototype of the device in order to: 

Short term:

1. Extract data from the unit under test conditions

2. Apply for Grants available through SCITUP and Federal Govt.

Medium term:

1. Generate local jobs in manufacturing in Melbourne with new green technology with national and export opportunities.

2. Refine the technology through partnership with RMIT and others.

Long term:

1. Create an affordable system for Australians to capitalise on renewable energy at a local level.

2. Construct a non intrusive, wildlife safe, reliable baseload windfarm using Australian technology.

My vision is to have a business which produces Yimby brand wind energy conversion devices at an affordable cost for anyone, employs local people and is not beholden to the banks, with potential to expand into global markets.

YIMBY stands for Yes In My Back Yard. 

It is the opposite of the "NIMBY Effect" which is a common term for the attitude; 
"It sounds like a good idea, but Not In My Back Yard thanks.."

Right now a video is not available until I get confirmation of my intellectual property rights for the system, sorry I can't show it, but it looks like a box. It is a vertical axle type design with one moving part. It captures all the wind that hits its cross-section, unlike regular wind turbines that let a lot of wind blow through, between the blades. Because it is so simple it is cheap to build with low tech materials, and very easy to maintain at a low cost.

Unlike other turbines it is not effected by turbulence and so can be installed anywhere, on house roofs, factory roofs, even on city buildings, even a retrofit is not difficult, you may see "a box" but you can't see the moving part from the outside. Birds, bats and other animals cannot get into it or be affected by it.

It can be built up to any size from a small domestic 2.5Kw rooftop unit to, in theory, a mega structure providing baseload power.

I have met with Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University dean of Aerospace Engineering and Sustainability Dept, also present their head of Business Cooperation and Research Dept, and the professor of Aerospace Engineering (windpower technology). I have shown them the model (proof of concept) and video, with a view to cooperative development, using their testing facilities.

RMIT have happily agreed to co-apply, submit and recommend any grants that we may be eligible for as they occur, and help where they can with research, post graduate student placements and testing.

I already have customers lined up, domestic, farm, commercial and community locations across Victoria and New South Wales.

I am commencing my prototype but the funds are needed for materials and equipment, space, and the time to complete the prototype. From the project I have allowed myself $3000 per month living expenses, for a four month timeframe to build the prototype, as I will probably still need to work part time. 

When it is done we will be eligible to apply for substantial commercialization grants from government (and business).

I have quite a few more potential customers so sales and cashflow/turnover wont be a problem.

I already have yimby.com.au ready to roll.

I have carefully studied the local and state legislation and the policy and planning guidelines for wind energy devices and in Victoria there are no legal hurdles to installing my systems in a domestic, farm or commercial location, and a relatively simple procedure for a community installation. Thank goodness.


So now..

I have on board one of RMIT Aerospace Engineering PhD graduates. He is very excited about it, having never seen anything like it, and wants to help me build the prototype and start extracting scientific data from it. I also have a man with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from RMIT on board who is likewise excited to help progress the idea.


I have submitted a patent application, preliminary specification to IP Aust so a priority date is established.


The goal is to prove an efficiency rate at or better than the current “windmill” design that is around 32% efficient at best, at a far cheaper cost.


We would like to install it somewhere like Sandringham Yacht club where it will get both good strong winds, and plenty of attention.

If you are interested to contact me, my phone number is (AUST) 063 431 434 911.


Thankyou for taking the time to read this.

Over to you guys...

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